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How Far Apart to Plant Hostas?

Hostas are a type of plant that you can never have too many of. Because of their many varieties, hostas have become a real passion for many people.

Space the hostas 1 to 4 feet apart, depending on the variety. The size of the variety should be considered at maturity. Dwarf hostas should be spaced 1 foot apart, while larger varieties require 3 to 4 feet of space.

Next, we’ll talk about how to properly space the different types of hostas. You will also learn what to do if the hostas grow too close.

how far apart to plant hostas

How far apart do you plant miniature hostas?

Miniature hostas are a separate category and should be planted at least 1 foot apart. Although such hostas may not reach more than 8 inches in diameter, they should not be planted too close to other hostas.

This is because larger hostas or other shade-loving plants can overwhelm the miniature hostas. If you want to plant a medium-sized hosta next to a miniature one, there should be even more distance between them, at least 2 feet.

Miniature varieties include the Mouse Series. Blue Mouse Ears, Church Mouse, and Country Mouse are hostas that, despite their small size, need a lot of space around them.

Moreover, miniature hostas almost never tolerate direct sun. The sun can burn off their leaves completely, whereas the larger varieties only suffer a slight burn.

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How much space do dwarf hostas need?

Dwarf hostas are considered to be those that are usually less than 1 foot in diameter. If you plant only this type of hosta together, the space between them should be about 2 feet.

At the same time, if you want to plant dwarf hostas together with larger ones, the spacing should increase to 3 feet. This is because dwarf hostas are not able to compete for water and minerals with large hostas.

Examples of dwarf hostas are Fire and Ice, Fire Island, Autumn Frost, and many others. They are all quite vigorous plants, but still require lighter soil to thrive. If you have heavy soil in your yard, improve it with soil conditioner or compost before planting.

how many hostas to plant together

How close to plant medium hostas?

Medium-sized hostas are already quite powerful plants that can compete with other plants, even the larger ones. However, they also need plenty of space, so plant them about 3 feet apart.

Medium hostas are varieties that reach about 2 feet in diameter. The most popular varieties are this size.

Some of the most popular medium hostas are Halcyon, June, First Frost, Golden Tiara, and a bunch of others. All of them go well with both larger and smaller hostas.

Keep in mind that these types of hostas need more nutrients than their smaller counterparts. Even if a medium-sized hosta is given enough space, it will still need extra nutrition. Fertilize it with slow-release fertilizer once in early spring.

Spacing between large hostas

Placing large hostas in the garden is a real challenge for the gardener. Such hostas can reach 3 feet in diameter or more, so they should be planted at least 4 feet apart.

Large hostas primarily include the famous Sum and Substance variety. This wonderful hosta has large leaves and an interesting texture. The color of the leaves is yellowish green.

Another problem with placing large hostas is the lack of sufficient shade. Not every yard has large trees under which to hide large hostas.

If you don’t have large trees in your yard but want a bed of large hostas, you definitely need to think about artificial shade. This is because there are no varieties that can tolerate full sun.

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hosta spacing

Giant hostas planting distance

The distance between giant hostas is not a matter of discussion. Such hostas are capable of reaching impressive sizes and if you want to know their maximum size you have to plant them as a specimen plant.

Only if a giant hosta grows without competitors it can reach an epic size. Hostas have been known to reach 7 or more feet across!

Giant hostas include Empress Wu, Amos, Big Mama, and several others. Their value is in the size of their leaves, not in the color or texture of the leaf.

To get huge size hostas you will have to feed them well. Use both organic and mineral fertilizers. They also need to get enough water to grow quickly. So don’t let the soil dry out more than 2 inches.

What happens if hostas grow too close?

How Far Apart to Plant Hostas?

The first thing that can happen if hostas grow too close is competition for minerals and water. Hostas consume a lot of water and nutrients, if there is not enough space some of them will not get what they need. As a result, they will shrink in size and grow slower.

The second thing that can happen is a disease. If you plant too densely, the soil underneath the hostas will be wet. As a result, petiole rot can happen in the weaker hostas.

To avoid all of this, you need to transplant your hostas. Do this in early spring before the leaves appear. Transplant carefully so that you damage as few roots as possible.

After transplanting, place the hosta in a full shade over it for a few weeks. Also, water it without letting the soil dry out more than an inch the first season after transplanting.

How many hostas can you plant together?

You can plant as many hostas together as you want. The important thing is to keep them at least one foot apart. They also need at least partial shade.

Dwarf hostas should be about 1 foot apart. Medium-sized hostas should be 2 to 3 feet apart and large hostas more than 4 feet apart.

If you plant different-sized hostas, the spacing should be equal to the width of the larger hosta at maturity.

It is best to combine hostas that are not too different in size. For example, plant dwarf hostas together with medium-sized ones, or large ones together with medium-sized ones.

Avoid planting miniature hostas with giant hostas or dwarf hostas with large hostas. Otherwise, the larger hostas will take away water and nutrients in the smaller ones.

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