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How We Review

I test items on a 10-point scale with 10 different criteria. Then I sum up the number of points that the product scored and divide that sum by the number of categories. The result is an average rating between 0 and 10.


In this category, I analyze all the technologies that are available in this device. For me it is important how the device works and what functions it has.

I also compare it with devices of the same class and price range as well as with more advanced ones to understand what the device I am reviewing is like.


By efficiency, I mean how the device performs. How much energy it consumes and how efficiently it is used.

As a result, I determine how much benefit can be obtained from the device and compare this with other similar devices.


Here, first of all, the quality of the materials from which the device is made is important to me. The more durable the material, the better.

Second, is the quality of the assembly. Whether the parts are fastened evenly and all the bolts are tightened is important.

And third is reliability. The longer the device lasts, the higher the rating it will get.

User experience

In this category, I test the device to see how convenient it is to use. Whether there is easy access to all the consumables.

It is also important that the elements of the device do not interfere with the operation of the device.

Impact on comfort

I test each device to what extent it affects comfort. For this purpose, I use different measuring tools, e.g. a noise meter.

The less discomfort a device brings, the higher the score it gets.

Ease of maintenance

Ease of maintenance of the device is important. For this reason, I test all devices to see how easy they are to clean, change consumables, etc.

Customer support

Customer support is a must for a good brand. I check all channels of communication with the manufacturer and the speed of response. It is also important to me whether the customer service was able to solve my issue.

Operating Costs

In this category, I calculate all the running costs that are needed to get the end result. I only count original consumables.

I divide the total amount by the benefit and compare this to other similar devices.


If the device involves consumables or parts that need to be replaced frequently, it is important that alternatives are available. The more alternatives and the more affordable they are, the better.


Price is the main criterion that influences the rank of the device. A low price is not always an indication that a device is better than others.

However, often brands unjustifiably overcharge. So here I try to determine whether the device is worth its money or not.