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The huge leaves of the strelitzia are a very beautiful sight, as well as its orange flowers that resemble a tropical bird. Every year the number of people who grow it increases. But the growing problems do not decrease. I am going to tell you about one of these problems here.

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By this time, Monsteras had occupied a large number of human dwellings. There is a simple explanation for this popularity: Monsteras are very fascinating plants. The more people grow these plants, the more questions arise about their care. One of these cases will be discussed today.

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Bird of paradise plants produces very interesting flowers that are something unique. They can be propagated very easily but in certain circumstances, you may want to move them to another spot. When you do they can struggle a bit as they adjust to their new surroundings so in this article I will explain how to …

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Anthurium is also known commonly as flamingo plants maintain their flowers pretty much the entire year. Their flowers also last for a very long time after being cut which makes them very popular. However, for a range of reasons anthuriums can tend to not look as healthy and grow as they should, so today I’ll …

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Despite belonging to the philodendron genus, Lemon Lime and Moonlight have many fundamental differences. But at the same time, they have a lot in common, so the comparison of these two remarkable plants is completely logical. It is important not to make a mistake and choose the best plant from the many available.

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