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The huge leaves of the strelitzia are a very beautiful sight, as well as its orange flowers that resemble a tropical bird. Every year the number of people who grow it increases. But the growing problems do not decrease. I am going to tell you about one of these problems here.

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By this time, Monsteras had occupied a large number of human dwellings. There is a simple explanation for this popularity: Monsteras are very fascinating plants. The more people grow these plants, the more questions arise about their care. One of these cases will be discussed today.

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Bird of paradise plants are known for their distinct and captivating flowers, offering a touch of uniqueness to any garden. While these plants are relatively easy to propagate, there might be instances where relocating them is necessary. However, moving them can lead to some initial challenges as they adapt to their new environment. In this …

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Dahlias, with their tuberous roots, retreat into dormancy during the winter only to eagerly reemerge in the spring. However, their journey to full bloom can encounter a few bumps along the way, impacting their overall health. Let’s dive into what might be causing these issues and how to nurse your dahlias back to pristine condition.

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Anthuriums, often called flamingo plants, are known for their year-round blooms and the impressive longevity of their cut flowers, making them a favorite among plant enthusiasts. However, there are times when anthuriums may not seem as vibrant or grow as expected. Let’s dive into what might cause this.

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Monsteras are truly remarkable plants, featuring massive leaves adorned with unique holes, giving them a somewhat monstrous appearance. However, when we bring them indoors, we’re stepping into tricky territory since this isn’t their natural habitat. The primary challenge Monstera plants face indoors is often a lack of light. When placed in dimly lit areas, they’ll …

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