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Hyacinths produce some of the most fragrant and vibrant flowers. Hyacinths have long leaves that don’t look like the leaves of typical plants because they grow from a bulb rather than a seed. Leaf issues can occur with hyacinths so today I will explain what causes these and how to remedy them.

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Peonies! Who invented this beauty? Whoever it was, all we can do is express our great gratitude for it. The author of today’s varieties, Samuel Wissing, deserves no fewer thanks. It was he who in the middle of the last century created these two wonderful peonies.

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Today’s competitors, Russian sage and lavender, have a lot in common, but they are still two very different plants. Like most of you, I always want to choose the best plant from the range so that I don’t have to replace it later. The wrong choice will result in wasted extra time and money.

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Rosemary likes to grow in a Mediterranean climate on sandy and stony slopes near the sea. In this area, the humidity is relatively high, but the soil does not retain much moisture. Ideal growing conditions will be well-drained soil and moist air around. Water rosemary once every 7-14 days. However, it depends on many factors …

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