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Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ is a cultivar of the magnolia tree, known for its large, yellow-gold flowers that bloom in the spring. The petals are slightly ruffled, giving the appearance of butterfly wings. The tree can grow up to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide, making it a medium-sized tree for gardens and landscapes.

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Magnolia trees can range in height from a towering 5 meters (about 15 feet) to a more modest 2 meters (roughly 6 feet), making them versatile for both standout and complementary planting in your garden. Today, let’s dive into what steps you can take if your magnolia tree isn’t thriving as it should.

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It’s no surprise that compact plants are gaining popularity among gardeners each year. The smaller the garden and its plants, the easier they are to care for. This trend has also influenced magnolias. While magnolias are typically large, plant breeders have worked hard to create many compact and beautiful varieties. Today, we’ll dive into these.

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