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Rosemary holds the top spot among my preferred herbs, serving as an essential element in gardening, culinary arts, and herbal medicine. While cultivating it from seeds may present some challenges, propagating rosemary through cuttings is a remarkably straightforward process. For those unfamiliar, propagation is akin to cloning a plant. This method creates a biological duplicate …

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I’m someone who thrives on organization and detailed planning. Without a structured plan, my thoughts become unfocused and scattered, easily distracted by various interesting ideas and possibilities. This lack of direction is especially evident when I’m browsing through catalogues without a clear plan, finding myself attracted to various intriguing items without a concrete strategy for …

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I’ve been eyeing various antique and vintage items lately. My current wishlist includes an antique oak secretaire cabinet and writing desk, a classic MGB convertible, a unique lamp crafted from a large Bailer shell, and a set of vintage apothecary jars and skeleton keys. I also recently discovered a beautiful vintage teak garden chair that …

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My fennel and artichokes are currently facing a bit of a challenge with aphids. Initially, I considered using my homemade bug spray, a blend of garlic and soap, to tackle the issue. However, I have to be mindful since the pollen from the fennel and artichokes is currently attracting a lot of honey bees.

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As school holidays commenced, we initially enjoyed clear, sunny weather, despite some chill. However, two days in, my youngest child contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease, resulting in a blistered rash and understandable grumpiness. This led to a cancellation of our planned activities and a period of quarantine.

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