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Igor Viznyy, Horticulturist and Plant Expert

igor viznyy

Igor Viznyy

My name is Igor Viznyy and I am pleased to welcome you to my website. I am a gardener and plant expert. I devote almost all my time to growing and taking care of plants. It has become my passion and my life’s work.

I was first introduced to plants by my parents at an early age. Our family had an ornamental garden as well as agricultural crops. I inherited a large garden from my parents.

Over the years I increased the number of specimens in my garden. I also began to cultivate indoor plants. Today in my collection I have a huge number of different plants from trees to succulents.

Hostas occupy a special place in my life. For me, hostas are the standard of grace and beauty. During my passion for them, I managed to collect a decent collection of different varieties.

igor-viznyy-with-hostaAt some point my hobby became commercial. A few years ago I became a co-founder of a nursery. We provide quality planting material for many households. However, we always face the problem of our customers being poorly informed about planting and caring for the plants.

It was for this reason that the World of Garden Plants project was born. Here I try to convey the basics of plant care in the most accessible way possible.

I often take part in various public topic meetings, such as AHS Conventions and many others. Besides, I am an associate of several restoration and environmental programs.

I hope my site has been useful to you. I wish you success and all the best!

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