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Can You Spray Sevin On Hostas?

Hostas, like all plants, need to be protected from pests. It is the way of the world that plants are food for animals and if you don’t protect them, they can suffer a lot.

You can spray Sevin on the hostas to get rid of the insects. It is an excellent insecticide that can protect the hosta from most pests. Spray it on the leaves and your hostas will be safe.

We will look at this product in more detail as it relates to hostas. You will also learn how to apply it correctly and what to avoid.

sevin on hostas

What is Sevin?

Sevin is a brand that produces a line of insecticides to control various bugs. It is a well-known and time-tested product, which is why it is one of the most popular insecticides in the United States.

One of the most used products is Sevin Ready-To-Use. It contains Lambda-Cyhalothrin which is capable of killing many different insects. This product is very convenient because it comes in a sprayer and is ready for immediate application.

There are also other products of this brand, for example, a concentrate which must be connected to a watering hose and only then used. It is very convenient if a large number of hostas need to be treated.

Sevin is a chemical pesticide, which means that it has both disadvantages and advantages.

One advantage is its very high efficiency. By using it you can easily control hosta pests such as:

  • Boxelder bugs;
  • Leaf beetles;
  • Mealybugs;
  • Grasshoppers;
  • Black vine weevil;
  • and others.

Some of these insects cannot be killed by anything but pesticides.

The disadvantage of Sevin is that it will be fatal to beneficial insects such as bees and ladybugs. It also has a certain amount of toxicity to pets. Therefore, you have to follow certain rules of application, which we will talk about further on.

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How do I use Sevin on hostas?

If we are talking about Sevin Ready-To-Use, it is very easy to use. Shake the bottle until the contents become homogeneous. Next, carefully spray the leaves of the hosta by holding the sprayer about 1 foot away from the leaf.

The resulting leaves should be moist or slightly wet. It is best to treat both the top and the bottom of the leaf. Avoid pinching the flower stems to avoid harming pollinators.

In the case of concentrate, connect it to a watering hose as instructed and treat the hostas.

The best time to use Sevin is in the morning or evening. The air temperature should be about 60-65°F. Avoid using in cold weather.

The weather should be cloudy but not rainy. Avoid using it when the sun is shining too much or when it is raining.

Sevin should dry out after treatment. Therefore, do not water the hostas for 24 hours after treatment.

One application is usually enough to get rid of the pests. However, if insects continue to damage the hostas, spray again, but not earlier than two weeks after the previous treatment. Also, do not spray the same hosta more than 5 to 6 times per season.

Always wear rubber gloves and long-sleeved clothing when handling Sevin. Avoid skin contact with the insecticide. Also, use a mask to avoid inhaling the sprayed product.

Make sure that no children or pets are around during treatment.

How long does Sevin spray last on hostas?

Sevin spray lasts as long as it takes to kill the insects that have occupied your hostas.

Because Sevin is not a systemic insecticide, insects need to touch it to be killed. Usually, about a week is enough time for all pests to come into contact with the substance. This is how long or more Sevin is able to last.

The most important thing here is that Sevin has time to dry after application. Therefore, you must use it in dry weather. If it rains 24 hours after application, it’s okay, the Sevin will stay on the leaves long enough to do the job.

Of course, sooner or later the product will wash off the leaves but the pests will be gone by then.

Also, you need to keep in mind that Sevin should only be used if the bugs are present on the hostas. Spray the leaves and the insects will die. Re-spray only if the insects have returned to the hosta.

Do not use Sevin as a preventative, there are systemic insecticides for this purpose.

Is Sevin safe for hostas?

Sevin is safe for the hosta. You can use it on any type of hostas and not worry about negative consequences. This product is even used to treat vegetables.

However, you should avoid using Sevin excessively. Do not treat one hosta more than six times a year.

Also, avoid spraying the flower stems because it may kill bees and other insects that pollinate the flowers.

This product is toxic to humans and animals. Therefore, wear protective equipment when handling it. Also avoid getting this product on pets.

Can I use Sevin dust on hostas?

You can definitely use Sevin dust on hostas. It’s even more convenient than using a spray.

However, the effectiveness of this product may be lower. First, not all insects will come into contact with it. Even if you sprinkle the leaves of the hosta with this dust, some of the insects will avoid being killed.

The second is that the rain will wash the dust off the leaves faster and mix it with the dirt. As a result, the effect will be lower.

In addition, hostas sprinkled with brown dust do not look very attractive. That’s why using a spray is the better choice.

Alternatives to Sevin for hostas

You can also use various alternatives to Sevin. For example, horticultural oil works very well against most pests. It is also an organic product, so it is less toxic.

Insecticidal soap is also a good choice. This product sticks well to the leaves and handles a wide range of hosta pests.

Finally, you can use systemic insecticides. This is a very powerful product that reliably protects hostas from all kinds of insects.