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Aerogarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite: What’s The Difference?

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll be comparing two versions of a leading compact hydroponic system that many of you might already own and love.

In this article, we’ll delve into whether the Elite version is worth the extra cost. Plus, I’ll highlight the similarities and differences between the two versions. Stay tuned!

aerogarden bounty elite

Aerogarden Bounty Elite

Product Feature Aerogarden Bounty Bounty Elite
Size (HxWxD) 17.3″x10.4″x5.6″ (44×26.5×14.3cm) 29.5″x16.5″x10.9″ (75x42x27.7 cm)
Number of pods 9 9
LED power 40 W 50 W
Wi-Fi/App No/Yes Yes/Yes
Tank capacity 4.5 L 4.5 L
Max grow height 23.2″ (59 cm) 23.2″ (59 cm)
Min grow height 8.2″ (21 cm) 8.2″ (21 cm)
Screen/Touchscreen Yes/No Yes/Yes
Low Water Reminder Yes Yes
Nutrient Reminder Yes Yes
Material Finish Matte Plastic Stainless Steel
Trellis system Yes Yes
Dimmable Lights Yes Yes
Vacation Mode Yes Yes
Price $229.95 $259.95
aerogarden bounty

Aerogarden Bounty


aerogarden bounty elite control panel

Aerogarden Bounty Elite control panel.

In this chapter, I’ll discuss the technological aspects of these devices.

Both devices have a similar control panel. It includes buttons to switch the light on and off, access the menu, and engage the Vacation mode. At the center of the control panel is a display.

The Bounty Elite boasts a touchscreen, whereas the Bounty comes with a standard screen. The convenience of the touchscreen gives the Elite version a distinct edge.

Both devices are equipped with Wi-Fi, but only the Elite comes with its own app. I personally prefer using the app, so I believe this feature should be standard for devices of this caliber.

Apart from these differences, the devices are quite similar. They both feature a water level sensor, adjustable lighting, a Vacation mode, and a host of other handy features.

Aerogarden Bounty control panel.

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The efficiency varies between these devices. The Bounty Elite features 50-watt LEDs, whereas the Bounty uses 40-watt LEDs.

The 10-watt difference significantly impacts yield, especially for light-hungry plants like cucumbers. With the Bounty Elite, plants tend to grow slightly faster and bigger.

I believe that the more powerful the light, the better, as it maximizes the potential of your hydroponic system.

Both devices excel in distributing the nutrient solution efficiently. This is a hallmark of nearly all Aerogarden models, ensuring the solution reaches the roots directly and is well-oxygenated.

User experience

The Bounty Elite’s inclusion of an app makes it significantly more convenient compared to the Bounty, rendering it more user-friendly.

Furthermore, the Bounty Elite features a touchscreen, something the Bounty lacks. This makes navigating menus on the Bounty Elite a smoother experience.

These added conveniences are precisely why I lean towards recommending the Bounty Elite over its rival.

While there are distinct differences in their user interface, both devices share functional similarities. I often find myself refilling both with water, which is made easy by the sizable fill hole on their grow decks.

Additionally, I refresh the water bi-weekly. This process is straightforward since the bowl effortlessly detaches from the base, facilitating easy cleaning at the sink. This holds true for both hydroponic models.

Material Finish

In terms of finishing materials, the bowl and light hood of the Bounty Elite are crafted in stainless steel. It gives the unit an upscale appearance, though it doesn’t offer much in terms of practicality.

Conversely, the Bounty features a matte plastic bowl, which also looks quite good.

Beyond the exterior finish, the two devices look nearly identical. The material quality is outstanding. All components are made from sturdy plastic and fit seamlessly together.


I’ve spotted the AeroGarden Bounty for as low as $200, but it’s currently priced at $229.95 on the manufacturer’s website.

Meanwhile, the Bounty Elite is going for $259.95, putting a $30 gap between the two. That said, I’d lean towards the Elite version because of its stronger LEDs and enhanced control options.

Comparing these to similar products from other brands, the LetPot LPH-Max stands out. Priced at $269.99, it’s on par with the Bounty Elite.

Other features

Both devices share many similarities since they’re essentially two variations of the same model.

Firstly, they both feature a bowl with a 4.5-liter capacity, spacious enough for growing larger plants like tomatoes. The only fixture inside this bowl is a water level sensor.

Next, they come with a 9-hole growing deck. This deck is divided into two sections, allowing water to reach the plant roots. A pump, affixed to the deck’s base, minimizes device noise. However, this design choice can make system maintenance slightly trickier.

The pump comes with a filter, which is a great feature as it prolongs the pump’s lifespan. One minor downside, though, is the challenge of removing the pump for cleaning.

Both models boast an impressive maximum growing height of 23 inches, suitable for taller plants. The adjustable light post is a handy feature, with the minimum growing height set at 8.2 inches.


Bounty Bounty Elite
Large grow height Quality
Large bowl Light dimming
Efficient LEDs More powerful LEDs
Low operating costs Premium look
Vacation Mode Large bowl
Many functions and excellent control Large grow height
Screen Touchscreen
Large fill hole App
Trellis system Stainless Steel Finish


Bounty Bounty Elite
Price Price
No App No covers for unused holes
No touchscreen Sometimes the capacity of the bowl is not enough
More difficult to clean More difficult to clean


In summary, both these devices rank among the top choices for compact indoor hydroponics. Aerogarden leads the market, and very few brands come close in competition.

So, is the Bounty Elite worth the extra cash? I believe it is, especially considering the price gap is just $30. For that, you’re getting powerful LEDs that can significantly boost plant growth.

Another standout feature of the Bounty Elite, not present in the Bounty, is its companion app. I personally enjoy using the app; it allows me to manage my hydroponic system and monitor its status without leaving my couch!

That wraps up my comparison of these devices. If you have thoughts or experiences to share, please drop a comment. Best of luck and until next time!