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How Long To Leave AeroGarden Light On?

Today we are going to talk about an essential aspect of hydroponic growing: light. I will tell you everything I know about the light in the different AeroGarden models.

All AeroGarden hydroponic systems are programmed so that the light stays on for at least 15 hours and 9 hours off. Depending on the model the number of hours may vary but the system turns the light on and off by itself.

All you have to do is reset the light timer in the morning to keep the light hood on from morning to evening and off at night.

With some AeroGarden models, you can set the number of hours the light is on by yourself. Also in the more expensive versions, you can adjust the intensity of the light yourself. I will tell you about all of this in this article.

How do you set the lights on an AeroGarden?

Press the button with the sun for 5 seconds in Aerogarden Harvest to reset the light timer.

Press the button with the sun for 5 seconds in Aerogarden Harvest to reset the light timer.

When you first start your AeroGarden, this will be the time when the light will be on every day. For example, if you start your hydroponic system at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the light will stay on until 5 o’clock at night. After that, there will be an 8-hour break and then the cycle will repeat itself.

If you want the light to be on only during the day and off at night you must reset the light timer. For those models that are not equipped with a display, such as the Aerogarden Harvest, you have to press the button with the sun on it for 3 seconds at 6 am.

When the button starts blinking it means that this is the new time when the light will be on. Now the light will be on from 6 am to 9 pm (15 hours). At night the lights will not be on (9 hours).

Light setup in Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Light setup in Aerogarden Harvest Elite

For devices that have a display, you can set the light cycle by the clock. These devices include models of the series:

  • Elite;
  • Bounty;
  • Farm.

Using the buttons and screen you can set the light timer at your convenience. Just choose when you want the lights to turn on and the system will do the rest.

Plus, the screen-based devices let you choose your own light modes. Here you have the following light modes:

  • Flowers – 15.5 hrs on and 8.5 hrs off.
  • Veggies – 16 hrs on and 8 hrs off.
  • Salads – 16.5 hrs on and 7.5 hrs off.
  • Herbs – 17 hrs on and 7 hrs off.
  • Custom – 24 hrs on.

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Can I turn my AeroGarden off at night?

It often happens that you want to turn off the light in your hydroponic system. With the AeroGarden you can do this at any time. Just press the button with the sun and the light goes off. Then the system will automatically turn on the light at the time you set when you started.

You can manually turn the lights off when you want but don’t do it too often. If you turn off the lights frequently before the system turns them off, you are reducing the number of light hours. As a result, the plants will grow slower and their size will be smaller.

If you want the lights to go off earlier, reset the light timer earlier in the morning. Or move the AeroGarden to a place where the light from the AeroGarden will not disturb you.

Can I cover my AeroGarden to block light?


No, you cannot cover your AeroGarden to block the light. If you put any covering over the light hood it will cause it to overheat. As a result, the LEDs will last much shorter. It could also result in a warranty denial.

If you need to block the light from the AeroGarden it is best to make a visor out of foil. Attach this visor to the edge of the light hood using duct tape. For me, this solution works great because it directs the light to the plants instead of my eyes.

You can also go another way and place your AeroGarden above or below your eye level. This way the light does not hurt your eyes.

How do I lower the light on my AeroGarden?

aerogarden farm control panel

AeroGarden Farm control panel.

You can dim the light only in some of the AeroGarden models. These include:

  • Bounty;
  • Bounty Elite;
  • Farm series.

In the menu of these models, you can find the option that is responsible for adjusting the light intensity and dim it. However, you need to be aware that dimming the light will reduce the growth rate of your plants.

The more expensive AeroGarden models have more powerful LEDs. This is so that you can get bigger crops faster. If you reduce the light, the yield will also be reduced.

It only makes sense to do this if you are growing lettuce. Since it does not require a lot of light, dimming the light will have almost no effect on the yield. The same goes for other plants that do not need a lot of light.

On the other hand, if you are growing fruiting plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, etc.), reducing the light can cause a reduction in yield or no yield at all. These plants need as much light as possible.

Can you replace the LED lights in AeroGarden?

light issues

The LEDs need to be replaced here.

AeroGarden LEDs last 2-4 years. It is very rare that they have to be replaced before this time.

However, over time some LEDs will stop working. This is not critical and the light from the remaining LEDs will be enough to grow your plants.

When more than 30% of the LEDs stop working you should contact the AeroGarden customer service. There you will be able to order a new light hood and get advice on replacing it.

What voltage is AeroGarden LED?

The AeroGarden LEDs are powered by 12V, 2.5A. This is the output voltage on the power supply.

As for the input voltage, the power supply can operate from 110-220 volts.

Can you use AeroGarden light only?

You cannot use only the light in the AeroGarden. When you turn on the device, the water pump timer starts. The pump turns on every 25 minutes and runs for 5 minutes.

You cannot turn off the pump completely unless you disconnect the power plug of the pump. However, this is not a very clever solution because it will reduce the supply of the nutrient solution to the roots.

Does AeroGarden need darkness?

The AeroGarden can operate in a completely dark room as well as in a room with sunlight. The LEDs are capable of providing enough light to grow plants.

What you don’t want to do is place the AeroGarden on a window sill as this can cause the water in the bowl to overheat. Roots rot very quickly in warm water.