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Is AeroGarden Harvest Worth It?

A huge number of people have been using hydroponic systems for a long time to get fresh vegetables. At the same time a lot of people are still not sure if it is worth getting such a system.

I want to tell you that AeroGarden Harvest is definitely worth it. I have been using this device for some time now and have gotten a lot of use out of it. It is a very handy and inexpensive hydroponic system that can provide you with herbs and leafy greens. The AeroGarden Harvest is also very easy to maintain and clean.

Next, I will tell you in detail why I think the AeroGarden Harvest is worth it.

Is AeroGarden Harvest Worth It


The first reason the AeroGarden Harvest is worth it is the relatively low cost. This device costs about $100 (the price may vary depending on the seller and the time of year). You must agree that this is not too high a price for a smart and modern device.

If you think the price might be too high, consider that the AeroGarden Harvest comes with LED lighting, a water pump, a water level sensor, and other electronics. All of this has a certain cost and can not be cheap.

Here I have to say that there are devices that are cheaper and at first glance similar. But if you look at the comparison tests you will find that the AeroGarden Harvest has a much better quality of materials and assembly. This greatly increases the service life of the device.

In addition, the AeroGarden Harvest has a clever design that is more efficient than competitors. Here the water washes over the roots like in NFT hydroponics.

At the same time, most of the cheaper competitors are more similar to the Kratky method. There the roots are simply submerged in a tank of water and the water movement is done by an air pump with air stones. This very often leads to root rot and low yields.

Affordable cost and quality were the main reasons why I included AeroGarden Harvest in my list of the best hydroponic systems.


This device is as simple as possible and is great for beginners. Once you have bought it, all you have to do is pour water and add fertilizer. Then put the seed pods in the holes and turn on the device.

That’s it, then all you have to do next is wait for the harvest. The AeroGarden Harvest will tell you when you need to add water or fertilizer.

Once or twice a month you have to clean the device and change the water. It actually takes me literally 10-15 minutes.

Also, depending on the type of plant, sometimes you need to trim the roots to avoid clogging. But this can also be done pretty quickly.


I already mentioned that the AeroGarden Harvest is a very high-quality product. It is very well assembled, nothing squeaks or dangles. All of its parts work perfectly without extraneous noise.

The pump, light, and tank are very reliable and quality. I have had this device for over a year and have no problems at all. You should be able to use this device for at least several years although it has the ability to last for many years.

The quality is what sets the AeroGarden Harvest apart from the cheaper hydroponic devices. You can find units that are less expensive than the AeroGarden Harvest, but their lifecycle is much lower. In addition, the build quality of cheap devices leaves a lot to be desired.

The ability to get a quick harvest

The speed of growth is what makes AeroGarden Harvest worth it. In general, hydroponic plants grow several times faster than plants in soil. But this device has a more elaborate design that creates an aeroponics effect. Aeroponics is known to be more productive than hydroponics.

From the installation of the seed pods to the harvest, it usually takes a little over a month. And it’s actually pretty fast. Plants like leafy greens or herbs grow faster, while tomatoes need a little more time.

Wide variety of seeds

AeroGarden offers a huge number of seeds for growing in their devices. It is really very convenient because you do not have to worry about this issue and you will find the seeds that you are interested in.

The most popular plants are the leafy greens:

  • Lettuce varieties;
  • Spinach;
  • Japanese Greens;
  • Bok choy.

The other most popular are herbs. The number of names in the kits is very high, and you will definitely have a lot to choose from. Also, AeroGarden Harvest is great for growing Cherry Tomatoes, peppers, and even flowers!

This is fascinating

Growing plants is very exciting. But doing it at home all year round is even more exciting.

The AeroGarden Harvest allows you not only to grow plants but also to monitor the process as closely as possible. In fact, this device is part of the indoor design and can bring some vibrancy into the home.

Kids love to watch plants grow in hydroponics the most and learn how to live in harmony with nature. In addition to vegetables, you can also grow flowers, which will be even more exciting and beautiful.


In conclusion, I would like to say that AeroGarden Harvest brought a lot of new things into my life and I have never regretted that I got it. In addition, this device is really capable of being quite useful and efficient. Not least the efficiency is due to the low operating costs.

Of course, you should not expect the AeroGarden Harvest to feed your whole family. But a sufficiently large amount of herbs or leafy greens it can produce.

Also, you have to realize that this is entry-level hydroponics and is best suited for beginners. If you want a greater yield, you need to look at larger hydroponics.