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11+ Red Apple Tree Varieties

Red apples look the most appetizing compared to green or yellow apples. Perhaps this is the reason for their wide popularity. In this article, the best red apple tree varieties are selected.

Red Delicious Apple Tree

apple tree with red apples

A beautiful, deciduous tree, the Red Delicious Apple tree is renowned for its high-quality fruit production. The white, crispy flesh of the Red Delicious is encased in a red, conical form, and it has a rich, tangy taste.

Its limbs will be festooned with aromatic white and pink flower bunches in the spring. These flowers are adored by bees as much as you are!

Bright yellow fall leaves are adorned with dark red fruit on a round, deep green tree in the summertime. It’s definitely a tree that can thrive in every climate!

At maturity, the typical Red Delicious Apple tree will reach a height of 20–25 feet and a width of about 25 feet. Semi-d warf trees reach 12–15 feet in height and 12–15 feet in width. The dwarf version has a width of 10 feet and a height of around 10 feet.

Starkrimson Apple Tree

red apple tree varieties

It is common for orchards to grow this spur-type tree due to its high-yielding capabilities Red, nice-looking 4″ apples fill the bushels.

It all began in 1956 in Hood River, Oregon. This tree is very cold-hardy and requires a pollinator. old-hardy and requires the pollinator. Early October is when the fruit is ripe.

When plucked at its prime, this tree’s fruit is superior to anything you’ll find at a store. Pies and salads will fall in love with this dish.

Its height is in the middle of the range for its species. An unusually large and dense crown characterizes the plant. 

Apple trees of this variety are known for their distinctive crown form. At an acute angle, branches emerge from the trunk. 

Myra Red Fuji Apple Tree

apple tree with red apples

An upgraded version of Fuji. Brilliant color, more red-focused than the original Fuji, and a little bit bigger. Stripes of dark red contrast well with the lighter red base hue.

This kind is similar to Fuji’s in flavor and crispness but performs better in the northern hemisphere. It still tastes like it was harvested that day, even if it’s been in storage since March! To eat fresh, bake, or preserve, treat this Fuji like any other. Mid-October is when it ripens.

At 3 feet each year, an apple tree may grow to 15 feet in height and 12 feet wide. In addition to rich soil and full light, they also demand regular watering, proper drainage, and plenty of fertilizer. Trees should be spaced according to their expected size when they are planted.

Red Rome Beauty Apple Tree

apple tree with red apples

The perfect apple for baking since it’s just sour enough. Each branch of our Red Rome Beauty trees has spurs, allowing fruit to develop from the trunk out! Regular trees produce fruit solely on their outer branches. Growers have dubbed this variety ‘mortgage maker’ because of its rapid growth.

Only 2-4 years after planting, it starts producing bright red apples. If you’re a fan of pies, crisps, and cobblers, you’ll want to stock up on these wonderful fruits. Sautéed apple slices are very lovely since they retain their form during cooking.

In 1970, it was founded in Selah, Washington. This variety has excellent frost resistance. Mid-fall is when fruits ripen. Self-pollinating apple tree.

Red Stayman Winesap Apple Tree

apple tree with red apples

Known since the days of the pioneers, the Stayman Winesap apple is a delicious mix of tartness and sweetness. In addition to being delicious, they may be kept in the fridge for up to six months after harvest.

Sauce and pies all benefit from the wine-like taste, and they’re also great when enjoyed freshly. Include additional apple kinds like Jonathan, yellow, and red delicious, or early yield to guarantee pollination when planting these trees.

By the time it reaches full maturity, the typical Stayman Winesap apple tree will reach a height of 20–25 feet and a spread of around 25 feet. 

RubyRush Apple Tree

red apple tree varieties

For those who are looking for the best of both worlds, this is it. While RubyRushTM is much sought after because of its scab resistance, it also shows exceptional tolerance to blight rot.  

Fruit trees like this one need little to no care and provide a higher yield with fewer illnesses.

Unlike certain disease-resistant apple trees you may taste, RubyRushTM has a fantastic flavor. Fuji-like crispness may be achieved with a skin that isn’t too tight and succulent fruit. 

This kind of apple also has a long shelf life, lasting up to four to five months in the fridge.

This unique cross’s harvest period is another noteworthy feature. The beginning of October is prime season for these luscious apples.

Thin this apple tree throughout the growing season to prevent it from producing apples every two years. A pollinator is also required.

Stark Jon-A-Red Jonathan Apple Tree

red apple tree varieties

The fruit is brilliant red and has a sweet, tangy flavor that is typical of Jonathans. Makes delicious pies, juice, and caramelized apples the old-school way.

This late variety yields magnificent red fruits with crispy and luscious flesh and a powerful, acidic but very well taste. Fresh, frozen, and cooked, it’s a fantastic apple.

After harvesting the fruit in the middle of September to early October, it may be kept in the fridge for up to six months.

It all began in 1963 in Waverly, Missouri. Stark Jon-A-Red Jonathan is a self-pollinating variety.

Stark Red Romance Apple Tree

red apple tree varieties

Honeycrisp-quality aroma. A red sweet apple with delicate creamy flesh that is plenty of nectar and delicious crunch.

Trees grow similarly to Gala, although in a more southern climate. Fruit rot is minimal or nonexistent when grown in damp conditions.

Excellent immunity to rust, scab and fireblight. Can be stored  for up to 5-6 months.

In 2002, it was first produced in Winchester, Illinois.  Honeycrisp is around two-and-a-half weeks older when it reaches peak ripeness in early October. The pollinator is required.

Tasty Red Urban Apple Tree

red apple tree varieties

Deep red apples on a tall, upright tree. This is ideal for growing in a hedgerow or a container! Apples are medium in size and have a solid, juicy, and delicious taste.

This tree is ideal for tiny areas and pots because of its upright growth style. Released in 2011 in the Czech Republic.

This tree has a good tolerance for freezing temperatures. September is when the fruit is mature. You’ll need another apple cultivar to serve as a pollinator.

Make use of a limited area to grow full-size, vivid red apples! Narrow trees, which may grow up to 8 feet in height but only 2 feet wide, are ideal for pots.

In a sunny spot in the yard, or on a veranda or patio, they’re ideal. 1-2 years after planting, this fast-growing tree will produce delicious, juicy fruits.

Wilton’s Red Jonaprince Apple Tree

red apple tree varieties

Trees of Wilton’s Red Jonaprince Apple variety consistently provide enormous, gorgeous red fruits.

The Red Jonaprince yields huge, crunchy, succulent apples and is said to be descended from a mutant Jonagold (a mix between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious). This apple tree is a common sight in American orchards because of its remarkable fruit quality.

Apples from Crimson Jonaprince are practically solid and rich red in color, making them excellent fresh or baked goods. Sweeter than your average Jonagold, this variety’s taste is noted as having a good mix of sugar and acid in it. Often referred to as a late-season fruit since it benefits from a period of storage before consumption.

This cultivar flowers in the middle of the year and does best when pollinated by another plant. The fruit has a vivid crimson hue to it before it’s fully ripe. In early September, Wilton’s Red Jonaprinces mature one month sooner than Jonagolds.

Unlike other early-season apples, harvest is able to be stored and sent for a long time. Thinning these apple trees is suggested to prevent the plants from producing apples every two years.

Royal Empire Apple Tree

apple tree with red apples

A more productive than standard Empire. This apple is a cross between a Delicious and a McIntosh in terms of sweetness and taste. A better version of Empire since it has a richer red hue than the original. It is resistant to mildew, fire blight, and rust in some degree.

The Royal Empire from upstate New York spotted an apple branch sport on an Empire Apple tree. Compared to the other branches, the fruits on this one had a deeper red color.

Sweet, crisp, and somewhat pineapple-flavored, the  Red Royal Empire Apple has pristine white skin. Because they’re not as large as other Empire types, but they’re practically entirely rich crimson.

Its unusual taste and texture make it a fantastic complement to meals, and they are perfect for drinks as well as baked sweets since the form of the pieces keeps up nicely in the oven.

Red Chief Apple Tree

apple tree with red apples

Red Chief has an upright growth habit and is a high-yielding variety. It works well in the seedling rootstock.

Medium size, huge, flattened fruits are available. Red and maroon are the primary colors of the skin. Intensely flavorful and succulent white flesh. Cold storage areas may keep it for a long time. Mid-September is the prime date for harvest.

As a result of its quick growth, great harvests, and resistance to a few diseases, the variety is famous among growers. The apples are resilient, can be carried long distances, and may be kept for a lengthy time.

Some cooks use Red Chief apples in both sweet and acid dishes because of the variety’s moderate and neutral taste.