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Celeste vs Brown Turkey Fig Tree: 4 Major Differences

The fruits of the fig tree are very tasty, which is the reason for the great popularity of these trees. Today we will compare the two most common varieties of figs.

The main difference between the Celeste Fig Tree and the Brown Turkey Fig Tree is the fruits. Brown Turkey has larger fruits than Celeste. Also, Brown Turkey figs have a reddish-brown color while Celeste figs have a purple hue.

These are not all the differences between these varieties. Next in this article, you will learn all that is common and all that is different between them.


celeste vs brown turkey fig tree

The fruits of both varieties have a number of differences. Celeste has small fruits. At the same time, the Brown Turkey fruit is medium-sized and about 30% larger than the competitor.

The second difference is that Brown Turkey figs have a brown color with a reddish tint. Whereas Celeste figs are slightly darker and have a purple tint. In addition, Brown Turkey figs have firmer skin than Celeste.

As for taste, Celeste has sweeter figs with a honey aroma. Brown Turkey figs are not as sweet but have a unique flavor and stronger aroma.

The next difference is that Brown Turkey figs mature a little later. Celeste figs usually mature in late spring or early summer, while Brown Turkey figs mature around mid-summer.

The intermediate conclusion from this chapter is that if you want a larger yield, Brown Turkey is a better choice. But if you want sweeter figs, Celeste is your preferred choice.


celeste vs brown turkey fig tree leaves

The next noticeable difference between the two varieties is the leaves. In fact, the fig leaves are very beautiful and have visual value.

Brown Turkey has larger leaves that reach about 8 inches across. The leaf is divided into 3-5 lobes. The lobes are thick and have almost no extra lobes at the tips.

Celeste has smaller leaves that reach about 6 inches across. The number of lobes is the same as the competitor’s 3-5, but the leaves have deeper cuts. As a result, the lobes are narrower and longer.

In addition, there are three more shallow lobes at the tips of each lobe. This gives the leaf a more refined and interesting appearance. It can definitely be an extra decoration for the garden.

On the other hand, the larger leaves of Brown Turkey provide a better yield. This is because the leaf blade is larger and can generate more energy for the tree.


celeste vs brown turkey fig tree size

Brown Turkey and Celeste Fig Trees differ in size. Brown Turkey is the larger tree and can reach 20 feet in both width and height.

Celeste, on the other hand, is a smaller tree, reaching about 10 feet in height and width at maturity. Its shape is more like a bush than a tree whereas Brown Turkey is a full tree with a wide canopy.

It follows from the size that Celeste can be grown in a small area. Even a small yard in an urban area is great for it. Celeste also grows well in a pot, which is especially important if you live in colder climates.

Brown Turkey, on the other hand, requires twice as much space to grow normally. The advantage of this is that if you give this tree enough space and sun you will get a bigger harvest.

celeste vs brown turkey fig tree shape

Care differences

Both varieties have some differences in their care as well as in their environmental requirements. Let’s discuss this.

The first difference is frost tolerance. They are both considered to grow in zones 7-10, but Celeste is less hardy to frost. This is especially true if this variety is growing outdoors with frost drafts.

Brown Turkey, on the other hand, tolerates frost better and is almost never damaged by frost. But even if it does, you don’t lose the whole harvest, because Brown Turkey is able to bear fruit on new wood.

The second thing to say here is that Brown Turkey needs more space and sun. It’s a bigger tree and if you want to have a bountiful harvest you need to give it enough space. Celeste, on the other hand, is better suited for container growing indoors.

Brown Turkey needs more nutritious soil because its crown is almost twice the size of its competitor. As a result, it needs more nutrition. To ensure this, you need to fertilize the soil with organic matter before planting and fertilize Brown Turkey with mineral fertilizer every year.

Brown Turkey uses more water than Celeste for evaporation and growth. This is especially important in hot weather; you will definitely need to water Brown Turkey more often than Celeste.


In addition to the differences, Brown Turkey and Celeste also have common features.

Firstly, both need to be pruned. This is best done when the crown is too thick. Thinning the crown improves the air exchange around the tree.

Prune fig trees in early spring before the tree wakes up. Use a sharp and sterile tool.

Often these trees can become diseased. In most cases, it is a fungal disease that will damage the leaves. This results in brown spots on the leaves.

The best way to cure a fig tree is to spray it with fungicide. However, do this when there is no fruit yet, or avoid eating figs if the tree has been treated with fungicide.

Also, pests often like to parasitize fig trees. These can be sucking pests as well as those that feed on the leaves. Use biological pesticides or Neem Oil to control them.

So, which fig is better Brown Turkey or celeste?

The answer to this question depends on your goals and abilities.

If you want larger figs and you have a large yard, Brown Turkey is the best solution. However, it will have to be watered and fertilized more often. Also, pest and disease control can be labor intensive.

If you want sweeter figs and you only have limited space, Celeste is better. It requires a little less care, but its fruits are smaller. You will also have to take care that this variety is not damaged by frost.