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How Do I Change The Water In iDOO 12-pods Hydroponic System?

Hi guys!!! Today I will show you how I change the water in my iDOO 12-pods. You need to change the water in this hydroponic system every 2-4 weeks to avoid the development of bacteria.

Disconnect the device from the electricity supply

The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the power supply. Just pull the two plugs out of the light hood. That’s it you’re ready to move on.

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Remove the light hood

Grasp the light hood support with one hand and hold the bowl with the other. Slightly pull the support slowly and with increasing force. When you feel that the support has been released from the lock, pull it out fully.

Move the plants into the tray

The next thing you want to do is to move the grow deck with the plants into the tray. You can take each plant out individually but you can damage the roots in the process. So I recommend removing the deck with all the plants together.

Empty the water

Place a bowl in the sink and gently pour out the water. This way you avoid spilling water on the floor. The bowl has an outlet, but it’s not very handy to use it because the water flows out slowly.

Clean the unit

What you really want to do is clean the bowl. It is important to do this because algae and other organic debris will accumulate in the bowl and rot. All this leads to bacteria in the water and root rot.

First unscrew the pump, which is mounted on two screws. Then remove the cleaning grid. Use a dish brush to clean the pump, the cleaning grid, and the bowl from the inside.

Then put everything back together and move the bowl back to its original location.

Fill the bowl with fresh water

Pour 4 liters of fresh water into the bowl. You can use either tap water or distilled water.

Add plant food

Add 20 milliliters of plant food from bottle A. Repeat the same for bottle B.

Put the growing deck back in place

Carefully place the growing deck back in place on the bowl. Take care not to damage the roots and make sure they are evenly distributed in the bowl.

Attach the light hood to the device

Stick the light hood support in the place where you removed it from. Next, connect the pump to the light hood. After that, plug in the power.

This completes the iDOO 12-pods water replacement. I wish you all the best and a great harvest.