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Why Are My Plants Dying In My AeroGarden?

Over the years that I have used various hydroponic systems from AeroGarden, I have encountered a number of problems that affect plant health.

The most common reason why plants die in the AeroGarden is the lack of water changes. Over time, the water gets dirty and slime appears on the roots. This leads to root rot and plant death.

Other causes can be pump problems, fertilizer problems, and a few others. In this article, I will talk about each of them issues and how to fix them.

aerogarden plants dying

AeroGarden plants dying.

Root issues

aerogarden plants dying because of root rot

AeroGarden plants dying because of root rot.

Changing the water in a hydroponic system is a must. If you do not change the water, it will become full of bacteria. The roots will get slime which will block oxygen.

This will cause the roots to rot and die off. The plant will stop growing and start losing its leaves. If you do nothing, the plant will die after a while.


  1. Pour out the old water.
  2. Clean your AeroGarden.
  3. Cut back any diseased roots.
  4. Pour fresh water and add plant food.
  5. Set plants in place or start new seed boxes.
  6. Change the water every two to four weeks.

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Pump issues

pump clogged

The water pump is clogged.

The next is a problem with the pump. If the pump does not work, the water will not be delivered to the roots and the plants will die.

The first thing that can happen is the pump can simply break. If the roots are long enough, they can pull water on their own. But for those plants with small roots, a broken pump will be fatal.

The second is a clogging of the pump. Very often in hydroponic systems, the roots clog up the water pump, resulting in poor water circulation. In the worst case, the pump can burn out.

The third is clogging or dirt on the grow deck. The AeroGarden has a very efficient grow deck that delivers water directly to the roots. However, the channels in it can become clogged, resulting in poor water flow.

Either of these cases can be the cause of health problems or plant loss.


  1. Make sure the pump works well and if not, replace it.
  2. Make sure water gets into every hole and if not, clean the grow deck from the inside.
  3. Clean the water pump filter of dirt and roots.
  4. Make sure the roots are not clogging the pump and if so, trim the roots a little to get water into the pump.
grow deck clogged

The grow deck is clogged.

Problems with nutrients

Too much or too little nutrition can cause hydroponic plants not to grow or to die.

AeroGarden, for its devices, recommends adding two capfuls of plant nutrition to a bowl. If you give less, the plants may stop growing.

You also need to add plant food every 14 days. All models have a timer for this which will remind you that it is feeding time.

On the other hand, if you exceed the recommended amount of plant food you might get a burn to the roots. In high concentrations, the plant food can be quite aggressive and damage the roots. This will result in a loss of the plants.


  1. Add 2 capfuls of plant food at the start.
  2. Set a timer to remind you to add plant food.
  3. Add 2 plant food capfuls every 14 days.
  4. Add 2 plant food capfuls after every water change.
  5. If you have added too much plant food, change the water. Add the recommended amount of plant food.

Light issues

light issues

The LEDs need to be replaced here.

In indoor growing systems, LED lights sometimes fail. Most often it happens that only part of the LEDs do not shine and the rest work fine. You may not even notice this.

But over time, the plants will lack light and they will begin to wither and die.

This is as true of the normal white light as it is of the red and blue light. If the red or blue light is missing on the light hood, the plants will not grow normally.

The reason for the premature failure of LEDs is that the plants grow to the maximum position of the light hood. Then the leaves touch the LEDs, which causes them to overheat and fail.


  1. Make sure that all LEDs work, including the blue and red ones. If not, replace them with new ones.
  2. Make sure that the light works for at least 12 hours.
  3. Trim the plants 1 inch below the maximum position of the light hood. Do not let the leaves touch the LEDs.

Water issues

Water is a factor that directly affects the health of plants. The first thing that matters is the pH of the water, if this parameter is not right, the plants can get sick.

The second is the EC of the water. This parameter indicates the amount of salts in the water. If it is too high the plants will have a hard time.

It is also important that the water level in the bowl does not drop below half. Otherwise, the plants may become thirsty and die.


  1. Make sure that the water level in the tank is at least halfway up. If less, refill the water to the “Fill to Here” mark.
  2. Make sure that the pH of the water is no higher than 7.5. If necessary, adjust the pH using the appropriate products from the hydroponic store.
  3. Make sure that the EC of the water is no higher than 5.0 mS/cm. If higher, dilute the nutrient solution with distilled water.

Temperature issues

Water temperature is often the cause of plant death in the AeroGarden. If the water temperature is above 80°F, the roots of the plant will not have access to air and the plant will die.

The water in the bowl can get hot because you have placed the AeroGarden on a window sill. As a result, the sun will heat the water a lot and the plants will die.

It is also possible that the AeroGarden is standing close to devices that radiate heat.


  1. Make sure the water temperature in the bowl does not exceed 80°F.
  2. Avoid placing the unit on a windowsill or near a heater.

Related questions

How often should I change the water in my AeroGarden?

Change the water in the AeroGarden every four weeks. Be sure to clean the unit when changing the water.

Why is my AeroGarden not growing well?

There could be several reasons why your AeroGarden is not growing well. Here are some common issues to look out for:

  1. Lack of Light: Adequate light is essential for plant growth. If your AeroGarden is not receiving enough light, your plants may not grow well. Make sure the LED lights are on for at least 14-16 hours a day and are positioned at the right height above the plants.
  2. Overcrowding: If you have too many plants in your AeroGarden, they may compete for nutrients and space, leading to stunted growth. Ensure that you follow the recommended spacing and limit the number of plants you grow.
  3. Nutrient Deficiencies: Plants require a balanced mix of nutrients to grow well. If your plants are not receiving enough nutrients or are receiving too much, they may not grow well. Check the water levels and nutrient dosages to ensure that they are correct.
  4. Watering Issues: Check that the water level is appropriate and that the pump is working correctly.
  5. Disease or Pests: If you notice discoloration or spots on the leaves, it could be a sign of disease or pests. Remove affected leaves and treat the plants with an appropriate solution.
  6. Genetics: Some plant varieties may not grow well in an AeroGarden due to their genetic makeup. If you have tried all other options, it could be worth considering switching to a different plant variety.