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How Often Do I Need To Add Water To My AeroGarden?

For me, growing plants in hydroponics is very exciting and fascinating. I very often get questions about how often you need to add water to the AeroGarden.

You need to add water to the AeroGarden when the bowl is about half empty. Depending on the number and size of your plants you should top up once a week or every 2-3 days. Avoid letting the water level drop to the lowest mark.

On the other hand, once you have started your AeroGarden you don’t need to add water for a week or two at all, because the water level will not drop. But when the plants start to grow the water level will drop faster. In the following, I will tell you all the ins and outs of this issue and the problems I have encountered.

How do you know when an AeroGarden needs water?

Aerogarden Sprout water level indicator.

AeroGarden Sprout water level indicator.

The best way to know when AeroGarden needs water is to look inside the bowl. Just open the lid and see if the water is less than halfway in, then refill with fresh water.

Models like the AeroGarden Sprout have a narrow window through which you can see the level of water in the bowl. This is very convenient because you do not need to open the lid.

All AeroGarden models are equipped with a water level sensor. If there is not enough water in the bowl, the sensor will be triggered and a red light will flash on the control panel.

The problem here, however, is that the sensor is triggered when the water is almost out. You don’t want the water level to drop that low, as this could cause problems with the pump. In addition, the plants can feel a lack of water.

Also with the AeroGarden water level sensors, there are always problems, which we will talk about in a minute. Therefore I do not recommend relying on the sensor but refilling the water when the level is a little less than half of the bowl.

aerogarden harvest control panel

Aerogarden Harvest сontrol panel.

All AeroGarden devices are of high quality and very easy to use. It is for this reason that I have included some of them in the list of hydroponics that I prefer.

How do I add water to the AeroGarden?

Fill the Aerogarden tank with water to this level.

Fill the AeroGarden tank with water to this level.

Filling the AeroGarden with water is easy. Open the lid on the grow deck and pour water into the bowl up to the “Fill to Here” mark. Then close the lid.

After refilling the water you do not need to add nutrition because the system will notify you when it is time. You also do not need to turn the unit off to add water, but be careful not to spill it past it. The water must not get on the hardware.

As for the type of water, you can use distilled or bottled water. I am often asked if I can use tap water. My answer is yes you can, but if it is too mineralized (high EC) you have to dilute it with distilled water.


One way to avoid frequent water topping up is to use the AeroVoir. AeroGarden has created a device that refills water for you.

The AeroVoir is a tank that can be connected to any AeroGarden model. When the water in the bowl drops below the desired level, the water from the AeroVoir starts to overflow into the bowl.

It’s actually very handy. Using this device you will need to fill it up about once a month depending on your AeroGarden model.

The good thing about the AeroVoir is that it is very simple and not expensive at all. Besides, you can make something like this with your own hands. There is a video on the web on how to do it.

Problems with the AeroGarden water level sensor

Problems with the Aerogarden water level sensor.

Problems with the AeroGarden water level sensor.

Let’s talk a little bit about water level sensor problems.

The first thing that sometimes happens is the cracking of the sensor. I personally have never had this happen, but I have seen it happen to other people.

Through the crack, water gets into the sensor and it lies in the lowest position. As a result, the control panel is constantly flashing red light that says there is no water in the bowl. At the same time, there may be enough water.

This problem can be corrected by replacing or removing the sensor. If you remove it, you will definitely need to monitor the water level yourself.

The second case is a clogged sensor. Over time, plant roots penetrate into the place where the sensor is and block it. As a result, it will not work when there is not enough water in the bowl. You can fix this by cleaning the sensor from the roots. I personally have had this happen several times.

All of this I say to the fact that you do not want to fully rely on the water level sensor. Sometimes it fails, which can lead to negative consequences. The best way to avoid these consequences is to monitor the water level yourself and refill the water when it is less than half of the tank.

What happens if AeroGarden runs out of water?

The first thing that happens if the AeroGarden runs out of water you will hear the pump run louder. It will pump air instead of water and you will hear it. In this condition, the pump can fail quite easily.

The second thing that will happen is that the plants may wilt. Even a short lack of water in the bowl can cause the leaves to wilt. If you don’t get water in quickly, the plants will die and you’ll have to start all over again.

Related questions

Will my AeroGarden tell me when to add water?

Your AeroGarden will tell you when you need to add water. This will happen when the water level sensor is at the bottom, i.e. there is almost no water in the bowl.

It is better if you do not wait until the bowl is empty and add water when it is half empty.

How much water does my AeroGarden hold?

Different models have different tank capacities. For example, the AeroGarden Harvest holds 2.5 liters of water.

Sprout, on the other hand, has a smaller tank.