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How Big Do Coral Bells Get?

Coral Bells are some of the most desirable plants in my garden. They impress me with colors and leaves shape. Because heucheras are shade-loving plants, I was interested in their size. It was necessary to find out under which plants they can be planted.

Coral Bells can reach 18 inches tall and 30 inches wide. This size you should allocate when you create a flowerbed on which these plants will grow.

Coral Bells Size

Here is a table where you can see the sizes that can have heucheras depending on the variety and care. This information will make it easier for you to work with Coral Bells in the garden.

Type of variety Height Width
Big Coral bells 18 inches 30 inches
Medium Coral bells 14 inches 26 inches
Small Coral bells 12 inches 20 inches

I hope this will be useful to you. The table shows the sizes of adult plants; numbers may vary depending on many factors. Let’s continue and learn more about the dimensions of different cultivars.

Coral Bells height

The table shows the height does not include the peduncle. With the peduncle, Heuchera can reach 20-22 inches and even more.

Let’s talk about conditions in more detail, and I’ll tell you what you can do to increase or limit the height and width.

How big the Heuchera will depend on the planting site. The planting location affects the height and width of the coral bells. As you know, some varieties can be planted in full sun, but in such conditions, the plant will not grow to the maximum size, even if the plant is often watered.

If the plant receives enough sunlight and is partially shaded, it can quickly become as high as possible. The half-shade is most comfortable for Coral Bells.

In dry sandy soil, this plant will grow quite slowly. So if your purpose is a compact size, plant it in this type of soil. 

It is best to use moist soil for the vigorous growth of heuchera. In such soil, this plant may exceed 18 inches in height.

The larger the variety, the bigger it grows. The height of the bush depends on the size of the cultivar. The dwarf variety will never grow tall. Large types under favorable conditions can become quite high.

Big Coral bells

Big Top Bronze is an excellent variety of considerable size, it can reach 20 inches high and 26 inches wide. It has beautiful brown-bronze leaves. The height of the peduncle is unknown, but it can probably reach big sizes.

Brownies are one of the varieties that have the biggest leaves among Coral Bells. The height of the bush exceeds 16 inches, during the flowering, the peduncle grows 30 inches tall. The leaves are rich brown in color, growing on long stems that are covered with white hairs. The width of the bush is also large and is 20 inches in diameter.

Bronze Beauty this variety reaches 18 inches in height; the color of the leaves is brown-orange. Great for fans of big types, with age, it expands to enormous sizes. The more favorable conditions you will provide him with, the higher this variety will grow.

Grande Black, the name of this variety, speaks for itself, it is a large variety of maroon colors. This Heuchera is 19 inches tall and the same width. It has beautiful twisted leaves, which can be glossy with enough sunlight.

Mega Caramel is a giant version of Caramel. It has large leaves of salmon color and long stems covered with tiny hairs. The height of the bush is 19 inches, but peduncles can reach 40 inches up.

Medium Coral bells

Venus has a height of 15 inches and expands by 20-22 inches. The leaves of this variety are very decorative; they have dark streaks.

Sweet Tea is another medium-sized variety, although some refer to it as large heucheras. It grows 14-16 inches tall and 26 inches wide. Its leaves change throughout the year in different colors, and they can be red, orange, salmon.

Gunsmoke is a rare variety in collections, and it is not surprising because it has a unique leaf color. Leaves are blue-silver in color with black veins. The size of this Heuchera is 13-14 inches in height and 25 inches in diameter.

Small Coral bells

Sugar Frosting is dwarf heuchera, its height does not exceed 10-12 inches. Width to 18-20 inches. It has silver-gray leaves, very decorative. Due to its size, it can grow even under low shrubs or dwarf trees.

Silver Scrolls is a compact plant with beautiful rounded leaves of dark purple and gray. The size of this midget barely reaches 11 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It forms a small hill of elegant leaves.

Shanghai forms a dense bush of small leaves of violet-silver color. It blooms very beautifully. With peduncles, it has a height of 16-17 inches and without them 13 inches. Plant width is 20-21 inches.

Other factors

  • With age, Coral Bells grow taller Every year heuchera stem grows higher, it can twist or grow upwards. If you do not transplant or prune it for a few years, this plant can become quite high.
  • Sufficient moisture Good watering can provide the plant with enough moisture in the soil. Such conditions are ideal because the Heuchera grows in rocky terrain where the soil is moist.
  • The amount of fertilizer Without sufficient fertilizer, Coral Bells will grow well but will not reach significant sizes. With enough, and most importantly, constant nutrition, these plants will please you not only with the dimensions but also with the bright colors of the leaves.

What can be done to make a plant grow bigger or smaller?

Let’s talk about making Coral bells taller or lowering his height. I’ll tell you what techniques I will use to do this, and then answer some of the most common questions.

First of all, to make the bush taller, plant it close to other plants. As a result, they will compete with each other and will become thicker and taller. Accordingly, to reduce the height of the plant, place it at a distance from other plants; as a result, it will increase in diameter more than in height.

The next thing you can do to increase the height is not to prune the plant for several years and not to transplant it. Conversely, if you need low heucheras, trim the stem every two to three years and replant the bush to a new location. This will slow its growth and reduce its height.

If your goal is to get high Coral Bells, then you can choose ampel varieties of this plant. Next, you need to create a support or ladder for the plant to climb up. From time to time, it should be tied. Ampel cultivars include:

  • Copper Cascade
  • Plum Cascade
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Pink Skyrocket
  • Crimson Cascade
  • Redstone Falls
  • Yellowstone Falls

All these methods, together with proper watering, fertilizers, moist soil, and sufficient sunshine, will allow you to reach the maximum height of your heucheras. If you need to reduce the size of your plants, you should do the exact opposite.