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Are Hen And Chick Plant Poisonous?

In nature, many plants can be dangerous for humans and various animals. Some of these plants are grown in the garden as ornamental plants. There are even such people who grow poisonous plants indoors. Today we find out if Hens & Chicks are poisonous.

Sempervivum is not toxic to humans, cats, or dogs. There are many confirmations to this fact, but let’s find out what the reputable American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says. On their site you can find the following phrase about Hens and Chickens:

Toxicity: Non-Toxic to Dogs, Non-Toxic to Cats, Non-Toxic to Horses

That is scientifically proved that these succulents are safe for living organisms. However, let’s talk about this in more detail and find out in which cases sempervivum can be poisonous.

I also created a table for the more comfortable display of information that sempervivum does not contain toxic substances in itself.

Humans no
Cats no
Dogs no

Next, let’s discuss all the questions people ask on the internet and find the answers. I also want to discuss possible situations that may occur in certain circumstances.

Are hens and chicks poisonous to cats?

This is the first and foremost question of concern for cat owners. It is unlikely that cats will eat sempervivum, so do not worry. Also, as mentioned above, this plant is safe for animals.

From my experience, I can also say that cats do not touch Hens and Chicks, even for fun. There were many cats in my yard, and they never showed any interest in these plants.

Are hens and chicks poisonous to dogs?

It is also a common question among internet users and dog owners. Dogs are smart creatures and are unlikely to harm themselves. However, young puppies are inexperienced and can taste of sempervivum. If this happens, you do not need to panic, the worst that can happen is your pet will vomit.

In my practice, this has never happened, but anything can happen. So now you know that if your puppy has eaten a little sempervivum, then everything will be fine with him.

What if your pet is poisoned?

Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation that your pet tasted sempervivum, and somehow it felt terrible. What to do in this case?

If this happens, then take him to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible. There they provide him with qualified help. Most likely, he has gastric lavage and maybe some other procedures. In any case, everything will end safely.

Hen and chick plant poisonous to humans

Let’s talk about a dangerous sempervivum for people. There is a video on YouTube where people eat these succulents, so it can be concluded that it is safe. Also, this information is confirmed by scientific organizations.

I can also say that this plant does not contain toxic substances dangerous to humans because I tried to eat it, and everything was ok.

It is also known that in ancient times sempervivum was used in medicine. It is not known whether this plant has medicinal properties, but it is safe for humans.

Why do people think that sempervivum is toxic?

Many people, when they see sempervivum, start thinking about whether or not this plant is poisonous. Why this is difficult to say, for many, these are quite unusual plants, they are difficult to find in nature.

Also, the instinct of preservation requires us to be careful with everything we eat. Another reason may be the fact that some succulents are poisonous.

Whatever the basis of this, people will always tend to question everything.

What if you got poisoned?

You can also assume that for some reason, you tried Hans and Chicks to eat, and you feel unwell afterward. First, try to cause vomiting, and the problem is most likely to be resolved. However, if you are still feeling sick, then you should contact a hospital for help.

In which case, sempervivum can be toxic?

There is a situation where sempervivum can be dangerous for both humans and animals; let’s talk about it.

In the spring, when it comes time to protect plants from pests and diseases, many gardeners spray the plants with insecticides and fungicides. As a result, plants become dangerous for some time if they enter the animal’s body.

How dangerous can the consequences be? It all depends on the amount that got into the stomach. However, in any case, it will end with the usual vomiting or indigestion. More severe problems should not arise.

To avoid this situation in the future, you should use safe methods of pest and disease control. If your pet gives a lot of interest to the plants, then try fencing them.

After spraying, try not to touch the sempervivum for several weeks and, in no case, eat it. If you need to work on sprayed plants during this period, then you should protect yourself.

First of all, use garden gloves to work. Also, wear long-sleeve clothing. If part of the plant is in contact with exposed areas, flush the area with soap and water.

These simple rules will keep you and your pets safe from possible danger. Next, I answer some questions that were not covered in the article.

People also ask

Are Hens and Chicks poisonous to birds?

No, not poisonous. In my garden, the birds repeatedly pecked sempervivums, and nothing happened, everything was fine with them.

Is it safe to eat sempervivum?

It is difficult to say whether it is safe to eat these plants regularly, but if you eat a few leaves, then nothing terrible will happen. In general, sempervivum is not a vegetable and is not intended for cooking.

Do I need to see a vet if my puppy has eaten sempervivum but no signs of poisoning?

The answer lies in the question itself. If there are no symptoms, why visit a veterinarian? You can undergo a general medical examination and consult a veterinarian, but this is not a significant problem.

Can a squirrel poison common houseleek?

Squirrels often appear in my garden, but they have never touched sempervivum. This plant is unsuitable for them, so I would not worry about it.

Is sempervivum poisonous to rabbits?

Sempervivum is not toxic to rabbits. They like to eat these plants, so you may need a fence to protect Hens and Chicks.

Is poisonous sempervivum arachnoideum for guinea pigs?

As far as I know, Guinea pigs are not generally recommended to eat greens. Therefore, if you are letting your pet into the garden, be careful that he does not eat something that he cannot go.

Can sempervivum be poisonous if it grows near other toxic plants?

It is unlikely that sempervivum will become poisonous if it grows near toxic plants. You need to make sure that your pets do not taste the toxic plants, build a fence for it, etc.

Is the sempervivum toxic during flowering?

No, sempervivum does not become toxic during flowering. This plant can become toxic only if you spray it with chemicals and only for a short time.

Hens and Chicks root is toxic?

No, the roots of sempervivum are not toxic. I had a situation where rodents gnawed all the roots of several plants. As a result, nothing happened. I did not notice any affected rodents.