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Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest 360: What is the difference between them?

Hydroponics is replacing traditional gardening more and more every year. It’s already come down to small indoor gardens. Small hydroponic systems are not only convenient but also very beautiful.

The main difference between Aerogarden Harvest and Aerogarden Harvest360 is the shape and size. Aerogarden Harvest has a rectangular shape whereas Aerogarden Harvest 360 is round (cylindrical). In addition, the Aerogarden Harvest is slightly wider than the Aerogarden Harvest 360. A slight difference is that Aerogarden Harvest 360 can be painted in 4 different colors while Aerogarden Harvest only 3.

Aerogarden Harvest Aerogarden Harvest 360
Grow Height 5.5-12″ (14-30.5 cm) 5.5-12″ (14-30.5 cm)
Number of Pods 6 6
Display Type push button push button
Shape rectangular round
Light 20W LED 20W LED
Height 17.4″ (44.2 cm) 17.4″ (44.2 cm)
Width 10.5″ (26.6 cm) 9″ (22.9 cm)
Depth 5.4″ (13.7 cm) 5.4″ (13.7 cm)
Material matte plastic matte plastic
Color black, white, sage black, white, sage, red
Price 91-100$ 89-94$
aerogarden harvest vs harvest 360

Aerogarden Harvest and Aerogarden Harvest 360

Size and shape

Aerogarden Harvest has a rectangular shape. The maximum height of the plants that can be grown in it is 12 inches. But the light is adjustable and the height can be reduced to 5.5 inches.

The total height of the device is 17.4 inches. At the same time, the width is 10.5 inches and the thickness is 6 inches. The depth of the vessel in which the roots grow is 5.4 inches.

At the same time, the Aerogarden Harvest 360 has a round shape resembling a pot. The growing height and overall height are the same as the Aerogarden Harvest. The difference is that the width is slightly less – 9 inches in diameter. The depth of the container is 5.4 inches.

From this follows that Aerogarden Harvest though a little bit wider it is still more compact and you can place it in the corner and it will take up less space. At the same time, you need a little more space for the Aerogarden Harvest 360, but it will look more organic in the kitchen because of its roundness.

When it comes to growing spaces, both devices have six pods where you can grow different plants. The placement of the pods is a little different but it doesn’t have much of an effect.

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The light element in both models is almost the same. They both have LEDs with 20 watts of power. The only difference is that the Aerogarden Harvest has a rectangular illumination while the Aerogarden Harvest 360 has a plate-like illumination.

The different shape of the illumination does not affect the quality or growth rate of the plants. In fact, there is a lot of light and the plants grow very fast. If you compare any of the two models with similar models of other brands, you will find that the latter does not have the same amount of light.

The high-powered illumination is also a disadvantage for some users because it can be annoying with the high brightness. But to get a good harvest you have to accept the fact that there has to be a lot of light.

You should also be careful not to get water on the LEDs because otherwise, the device may fail. This small disadvantage is present in both the Aerogarden Harvest and the Aerogarden Harvest 360.

It is worth noting that by choosing either of these devices you will be pleasantly surprised by the monthly costs. You will not spend more than an average of $1.5 per month on electricity for one device.


Aerogarden Harvest and Aerogarden Harvest 360 are equally easy to use. There are two indicators and one button on the control panel.

The first indicator is responsible for the amount of fertilizer in the solution. When there is not enough food for the plants, it lights up green to let you know you need to add a little more fertilizer.

The second indicator tells you if there is not enough water. If the red light on the panel comes on, you need to refill the water. This is very easy to do through the hole in the top of the tank.

The light turns on and off automatically. The system itself determines the required number of hours of light. If you want, you can turn the light on or off manually.

Unfortunately, both devices are not equipped with a screen to display other necessary information. The more expensive models have such a piece of equipment. But sometimes the simpler the device, the better.

Material and color

The material used to create these devices is matte plastic. In fact, it is quite a quality material that will last a long time.

Aerogarden Harvest is available in white, black, or sage. The white or sage color is the most organic.

The Aerogarden Harvest 360 has another additional color, red. It is quite an interesting solution, reminiscent of a pot of clay.

A small disadvantage is a light holder. As I mentioned it can be adjusted to the right height. The problem is that even though it looks solid it’s actually a bit flimsy. If you use it carelessly there is a risk of damaging it.

In general, the material and the construction of the device are very comfortable and reliable. With it, you can get a harvest all year round.

Nutrients and seeds

Once installed, both devices are very easy to use, there is no difference here.

Along with the device, you get 6 pods with seeds of different plants. There will also be a fertilizer bottle in the kit. The fertilizer will be enough for the whole season.

All you need to do is to fill up the tank with tap water and add the indicated amount of liquid fertilizer. Then you need to insert the pods into the holes and cover them with transparent lids. After a while, the seedlings will appear. Plants in such conditions will grow 5 times faster than in the ground.

Sometimes it happens that some pods get moldy. This is normal and you should not panic. Simply clean the mold and you will see your plants after a while. Although it should be noted here that seeds can sometimes not germinate or die after germination, unfortunately, this is normal.