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Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest 360: What Is The Difference?

Hello everyone! I’ve been into hydroponics for quite a while, and today I’m excited to share some insights about two popular hydroponic systems.

Let’s talk about the Aerogarden Harvest and the Aerogarden Harvest 360. The key difference between these two lies in their shape and size. The Aerogarden Harvest sports a rectangular design, making it a great fit for certain spaces. On the other hand, the Aerogarden Harvest 360 boasts a circular shape, offering a unique aesthetic and fitting well in different types of spaces.

Additionally, you’ll find that the Aerogarden Harvest is a bit wider compared to its 360 counterpart.

aerogarden harvest vs harvest 360

Aerogarden Harvest and Aerogarden Harvest 360

Aerogarden Harvest Aerogarden Harvest 360
Grow Height 5.5-12″ (14-30.5 cm) 5.5-12″ (14-30.5 cm)
Number of Pods 6 6
Display Type push button push button
Shape rectangular round
Light 20W LED 20W LED
Height 17.4″ (44.2 cm) 17.4″ (44.2 cm)
Width 10.5″ (26.6 cm) 9″ (22.9 cm)
Depth 5.4″ (13.7 cm) 5.4″ (13.7 cm)
Material matte plastic matte plastic
Color black, white, sage black, white, sage, red
Price 91-100$ 89-94$

Size and Shape

The Aerogarden Harvest features a rectangular design, and it allows for a maximum plant height of 12 inches. However, its light height is adjustable, reducing to as low as 5.5 inches if needed.

This unit stands at a total height of 17.4 inches, with a width of 10.5 inches and a depth of 6 inches. The vessel where the roots grow has a depth of 5.4 inches.

On the other hand, the Aerogarden Harvest 360 is designed with a round, pot-like shape. It shares the same growing and overall height as the Aerogarden Harvest. However, it’s slightly more compact in width, measuring 9 inches in diameter, and the depth of its container is also 5.4 inches.

This means that although the Aerogarden Harvest is a bit wider, it’s generally more compact and can easily fit into a corner, taking up less space. The Aerogarden Harvest 360, while requiring a bit more space, tends to blend more naturally into kitchen settings due to its round shape.

Both models come equipped with six pods for growing a variety of plants. The arrangement of these pods differs slightly between the two models, but this doesn’t significantly impact their functionality.

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In both the Aerogarden Harvest and the Aerogarden Harvest 360 models, the lighting feature is quite similar. They are equipped with 20-watt LED lights. The primary difference lies in the shape of the illumination: the Aerogarden Harvest uses a rectangular light, while the Aerogarden Harvest 360 employs a plate-like light design.

However, this variation in the shape of the light doesn’t impact the growth quality or speed of your plants. Both provide ample light, ensuring that your plants grow quickly and healthily.

An added bonus of either model is their energy efficiency. You’ll be happy to know that the monthly electricity cost for either device is quite low. On average, you won’t be spending more than about $1.5 per month on electricity for each unit, making them both economical choices for indoor gardening.


Both the Aerogarden Harvest and the Aerogarden Harvest 360 are user-friendly and simple to operate. The control panel on each device features two indicators and a single button.

The first indicator keeps an eye on the fertilizer level in the solution. When your plants need more nutrients, this indicator lights up green, signaling that it’s time to add more fertilizer.

The second indicator monitors the water level. A red light will turn on when the water is low, letting you know it’s time to refill. Refilling is hassle-free – you just pour water into the opening at the top of the tank.

Material and color

Both the Aerogarden Harvest and the Aerogarden Harvest 360 are crafted from matte plastic, a material notable for its quality and durability.

The Aerogarden Harvest comes in three color options: white, black, and sage. The white and sage variants blend seamlessly into most environments. The Aerogarden Harvest 360 offers an additional color choice – red, which adds a unique touch, reminiscent of a traditional clay pot.

Overall, the materials and construction of these devices are both user-friendly and reliable. They enable you to enjoy a year-round harvest, bringing the joy of gardening indoors in a convenient and effective way.

Nutrients and Seeds

Setting up either the Aerogarden Harvest or the Aerogarden Harvest 360 is a breeze, with no significant difference in ease of use between the two.

Each device comes with a set of 6 seed pods, featuring a variety of plants. Additionally, you’ll find a bottle of fertilizer included in the package, which should last you the entire growing season.

To get started, simply fill the tank with tap water and add the specified amount of liquid fertilizer. Next, place the seed pods into the designated holes and cover them with the transparent lids provided. In no time, you’ll see seedlings sprouting. Thanks to the optimal conditions provided by these devices, your plants will grow up to 5 times faster than they would in soil.