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Sempervivum marmoreum

The feature of this species is a smooth transition of colors from the tips of the leaf to its bases. Such transitions create a unique effect.


The size of the rosette may vary from 1 to 4 inches or more depending on the variety. Leaves smooth without clear color borders.

The leaves are quite wide and thick, in them, the plant accumulates a lot of moisture. The tips of the leaves are sharp but soft, maybe darker than the entire leaf.

During flowering, the peduncle may reach 10 inches or more in height.


The spread of this species includes the center and south of Europe, growing mainly in highlands. In many countries, this species is listed in the Red Book.


Sempervivum marmoreum loves sandy soil without stagnant moisture. It is important that the plant receives at least several hours of direct sunlight daily.

Watering is required in hot and dry weather, however, you should not use a large amount of water and water no more than once a week.

For disease prevention, treat young plants with a fungicide solution. Also once a year it is necessary to carry out the processing of a plant from pests.

Sempervivum marmoreum spend the winter without shelter.


  • Sempervivum marmoreum ssp. balsii
    (Grows in Greece, 1 inch in size)
  • Sempervivum marmoreum ssp. erythraeum
    (Grows in Bulgaria, 1-2 inches in size, pink)
  • Sempervivum marmoreum ssp. reginae-amaliae
    (Grows in the Balkans, 1.5 inches in size, light green)
Sempervivum Bennebroek

The length of leaves of this variety can reach 2 inches, the color is ruby red. Diameter rosettes 3 inches. A hybrid between the Othello variety and the subspecies Sempervivum marmoreum. Bred in 1979 by Gustaaf Steen.

Sempervivum Bronze Pastel

The size of rosettes of this variety can reach 4 inches, the color is brown, in the spring becomes red. Quickly forms beautiful pillows with rosettes. Bred in the UK in 1953 by Nick Moore.

Sempervivum Chocolate

Leaf color is brown, the average size is 3 inches. The growth rate is slow, the summer turns dark brown.

Sempervivum Chocolate Pepper

This variety has a size of up to 2 inches, color from red to chocolate. Maternal variety ‘Bronze Pastel’, bred in Germany in 2008 by Erwin Geiger.

Sempervivum Little Miss Sunshine

The color of the leaves is pink, can reach a diameter of 2 inches. In summer it turns orange, in autumn it turns light green. Created by Erwin Griger, country of origin Germany.