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Unboxing Click & Grow The Smart Garden 9 PRO

Hi guys,

Today I will show you the unboxing of my new Smart Garden 9 PRO.

smart garden 9 unboxing

Smart Garden 9 Pro box

The box of this device is of very good quality and has a nice design. On the walls of the box, there are pictures that explain how to assemble the device.

smart garden 9 grow sponges

Grow sponges with seeds.

The first thing we see are the grow sponges with the seeds. There are three boxes that contain three pre-seeded sponges each.

In the first box, we have lettuce. The second has mini tomatoes. And in the third we have basil.

smart garden 9 lamp


Next comes the lamp which is connected to the power supply. The lamp has built-in Bluetooth, and it is very easy to control. The lamp is also equipped with arms that increase the height of growth.

smart garden 9 power supply

Power supply

smart garden 9 germination dome

Germination dome

It also comes with germination domes. They are great for trapping moisture and making the seeds germinate much faster.

smart garden 9 bowl


At the bottom of the box is a large bowl with nine holes. In each slot, there is a pot in which we will put the sponges. Each pot has a lid with a label for naming the plants.

smart garden 9 pro water indicator

Water indicator

The bowl is not equipped with a pump and is simply a reservoir into which you need to pour water. At one end of the bowl, there is a simple water level sensor that tells you when to add water.

smart garden 9 user manual

User manual

And the last thing you will find in the box is a detailed guide on how to work with this indoor hydroponic system.

That’s it, next time I will show you how I assemble and run the Smart Garden 9 PRO.