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Unboxing Mars Hydro Hydroline 12 Hydroponic System

Hello everyone!!! I’m here to share my ongoing exploration of various hydroponic systems in search of the best one. Recently, I acquired the Mars Hydro 12 hydroponics system, and today, I’m excited to present a detailed overview of this impressive system.


Product Feature Mars Hydro Hydroline 12
Size (HxWxD) 25.5″x15.3″x9.8″ (65x39x25cm)
Number of pods 12
LED power 24 W
Wi-Fi/App No
Tank capacity 6 L
Max grow height 20.2″ (50 cm)
Min grow height 11.2″ (28.5 cm)
Screen No
Low Water Reminder No
Nutrient Reminder No
Seed pods Yes
Plant food Yes

Light hood


Mars Hydro is renowned for producing top-quality LED grow lights, and the longevity of their LEDs is well-assured. The model I have features 24-watt LEDs that emit bright light. Apart from white light, it also includes red and blue lights, crucial for supporting photosynthesis.

The light operates in two modes: Vegetables and Flowers, and the control panel allows you to set the light cycle duration, ranging from 4 to 16 hours. The light hood is attached to the base with a post, and it can reach a maximum grow height of 20.2 inches. The detachable light post makes maintenance incredibly convenient.

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The Mars Hydro Hydroline 12 bowl has a generous capacity of 6 liters, which means less frequent refilling. There’s a narrow window on the front wall of the bowl with a scale, making it easy to monitor the water level.

An attached pump is located at the bottom of the bowl, though it’s unfortunate that there’s no electronic water level sensor included. Nonetheless, the bowl can be easily detached from the base, facilitating hassle-free water changes and overall system maintenance.



The pump has a capacity to move 200 liters of water per hour, which provides effective water oxygenation. However, the lack of a filter is a notable drawback. To minimize noise, the pump is securely placed on rubber cushions attached to the bowl, further covered with a plastic cover.

The pump operates in a cycle of 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off, but there’s no option for manual control of activation or deactivation.

Mars Hydro Hydroline 12 Pump Parameters

Model DC-1020
DC 5.5-12 V 1-3W
Hmax 0.4-1.5 cm
Qmax 200 l/h

Grow deck


The grow deck is highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. It boasts a generous size of 15.3×9.8 inches, providing ample space for plant growth. There are 12 dedicated holes for cultivating plants, along with two ventilation openings and one for water refills.

One thing to note is that the deck lacks covers for unused holes. However, it features a practical border around the edges, preventing water spills and maintaining a tidy setup.

Base and control panel


Constructed from durable plastic, the base can hold a bowl with 6 liters of water. It has a designated spot for securing the light post and a connection point for the pump’s power supply.

The base houses a straightforward control panel with four buttons. The power switch is the initial button, followed by buttons to adjust the light duration and select the light mode (vegetables or flowers). Unfortunately, this device lacks a screen and Wi-Fi functionality, meaning it cannot be controlled through an application.

Power adapter


Model YN-45WA120300US
Input 100-240VAC 50-60 Hz 1.2A
Output 12V DC 3.0A 36 W

Seed pods and plant food


A Solution Composition

Components %
Nitrogen 11.0%
P2O5 9.0%
K2O 30.0%
MgO 2.0%
EDTA-Fe 0.3%
EDTA-Mn 0.06%
EDTA-Cu 0.005%
EDTA-Zn 0.01%
B 0.1%

B Solution Composition

Components %
Nitrogen 12%
CaO 15%
MgO 5%

The package includes two 100 ml bottles of plant food and two bags of pellets to be diluted in water. Based on my experience, I can confidently say that the plant food will last for a considerable period.


There are 14 grow sponges provided, but they are not pre-seeded, so you’ll need to purchase your own seeds. The system also includes sturdy baskets capable of supporting larger plants like tomatoes.

Though it lacks stickers to prevent algae growth on the sponges, the package does include growing domes, which is a positive aspect.

And that wraps up the unboxing of the Mars Hydro Hydroline 12. Best of luck with your hydroponic endeavors! Goodbye!