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Unboxing My Aerogarden Sprout Hydroponic System

Hello friends, I just recently received the Aerogarden Sprout and I want to show you what’s inside the box.

aerogarden sprout unboxing

The first thing to note is that the box is of excellent quality and well protects the device from possible damage.

If you do not know Aerogarden Sprout is a hydroponic unit for indoor use. You can grow vegetables all year round with it!

aerogarden sprout 3-pod kit

Aerogarden Sprout 3-pod kit.

At the very top is the 3-pod kit, which we will look at a bit later. Next comes the device on the side of which there is a setup guide.

The Aerogarden Sprout consists of two parts: the bowl and the light hood which is also a base for the bowl.

aerogarden sprout power adapter

Aerogarden Sprout power adapter.

And the last thing we see here is the power adapter. All this is additionally packed in plastic to avoid scratches.

aerogarden sprout

My Aerogarden Sprout

The bowl has three holes for growing and a capacity of just over a liter. Aerogarden Sprout is one of the smallest hydroponic systems on the market. The excellent quality of Aerogarden Sprout is the reason why I included it in the Top 5 Hydroponic Systems for Your Home.

aerogarden sprout seed pods

Aerogarden Sprout seed pods.

Let’s take a look at the seed kit. And the first thing we’ll see here is a guide on how to work with the seed pods. There are three pre-seeded pods in the kit. I got dill, parsley, and basil.

aerogarden sprout plant food

Aerogarden Sprout plant food.

Next is a 100-milliliter bottle of plant food. There are also three growing domes.

aerogarden sprout grow dome

Aerogarden Sprout grow dome.

That’s it for me. I wish you all the best and see you all again.