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Unboxing AeroGarden Farm 12XL Hydroponic System

Hey everyone, I just made a decision to move forward and bought the AeroGarden Farm 12XL. It’s actually the biggest hydroponic system I’ve ever tried out. I’m really amazed by it and I have plenty to share about my experience with it.

My new Aerogarden Farm 12XL

My new Aerogarden Farm 12XL

Product Feature Aerogarden Farm 12XL (100023-BLK)
Size (HxWxD) 43.8″x20.2″x13.7″ (111.5×51.5x35cm)
Number of pods 12
LED power 60 W
Wi-Fi/App Yes
Tank capacity 8 L
Max grow height 30.7″ (78 cm)
Min grow height 7.4″ (19 cm)
Touchscreen Yes
Low Water Reminder Yes
Nutrient Reminder Yes
Dimmable Lights Yes
Vacation Mode Yes
Seed pods Yes
Plant food Yes

Light hood

aerogarden farm 12xl light hood

Aerogarden Farm 12XL light hood.

LEDs, in this model, possess a power output of 60 watts, which is an impressive figure. The dimensions of the light hood measure 16.3×9.8 inches. It encompasses all the necessary colors for the photosynthesis process.

The overall appearance suggests a high-quality build and careful assembly, indicating a potentially long lifespan. Additionally, Aerogarden claims that their LEDs can endure for at least 4 years.

The light hood is affixed to the base using steel cables, and there is an electric actuator for adjusting the height at which plants can grow. With a maximum growing height of 30.7 inches, it offers excellent flexibility.

The control panel allows users to adjust the light intensity and also set the duration for which the light will remain on.

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aerogarden farm 12xl bowl

Aerogarden Farm 12XL bowl.

The bowl can hold up to 8 liters, providing ample room for cultivating sizable plants like tomatoes or cucumbers.

The plastic used in the construction of the bowl is exceptionally durable and of superior quality.

The bowl securely rests on the base and remains firmly in place. It can be effortlessly detached for maintenance, which is a significant benefit.

At the bottom of the bowl, there is a pump that ensures a steady water supply to the grow deck. Additionally, a water level sensor is positioned on the side near one of the walls.


aerogarden farm 12xl pump

Aerogarden Farm 12XL pump.

The pump is incredibly strong, capable of pumping up to 270 liters per hour. It also possesses a robust construction and comes equipped with a filter, indicating that it is built to last.

One of the key advantages of this pump is the presence of rubber cushions that provide support. This feature ensures that noise and vibrations produced by the pump are minimized.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to customize its operational mode using the menu.

AeroGarden Farm 12XL Pump Parameters

Model #200623
Alternating current 12V/60HZ 3W
Hmax 0.6m
Qmax 270 l/h
Water resistance IPX8

Grow deck

aerogarden farm 12xl grow deck

Aerogarden Farm 12XL grow deck.

The grow deck is impressively durable and comprises two sections. Within it, there are channels that facilitate the direct flow of water to the plants, ensuring efficient hydration. Additionally, it offers exceptional oxygenation of the water, promoting optimal plant growth.

The dimensions of the deck measure 16.3×12.2 inches. It features 12 growing holes, making it one of the rare hydroponic systems that enable you to cultivate as many plants as there are holes available.

Moreover, the grow deck includes a generously sized water refill hole, conveniently labeled “Fill to Here.” The deck can be effortlessly detached for maintenance purposes, ensuring easy access and upkeep.

aerogarden farm 12xl grow deck

Aerogarden Farm 12XL grow deck.

Base and control panel

aerogarden farm 12xl control panel

Aerogarden Farm 12XL control panel.

The base of this hydroponic system boasts remarkable durability. It comprises a robust metal frame that is designed to withstand heavy loads without any issues.

The base features a bowl at the bottom and a control unit at the top. The control unit is responsible for connecting and managing the various components of the system, including the pump, light hood, water sensor, and power adapter, through a network of wires.

Furthermore, there is a touch screen interface incorporated into the system, allowing you to personalize its settings. While I won’t delve into every detail, I can mention a few customizable options:

  • Light settings: You can adjust the hours of operation and intensity of the lights.
  • Pump settings: You have control over the on and off times of the pump.
  • Plant food reminder: The system can be programmed to remind you when it’s time to provide plant nutrients.
  • Vacation mode: This mode enables you to set specific parameters for the system while you’re away.

The AeroGarden Farm 12XL is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to control and manage it using a dedicated app.

Additionally, the control unit encompasses an electric hood light actuator and a power supply, ensuring seamless operation of the system.

aerogarden farm 12xl base

Input voltage:

  • 120V
  • 60 Hz
  • 0.56A

aerogarden farm 12xl base


aerogarden farm 12xl base

Seed pods and plant food

aerogarden farm 12xl seed pods and plant food

Aerogarden Farm 12XL seed pods and plant food.

The unit was accompanied by a package containing 12 seed pods. In my particular case, the pods were not pre-seeded, but it is possible to purchase pre-seeded ones if desired.

Furthermore, the kit includes two bottles of plant food, each containing 3 ounces (85 grams). Additionally, it comes with grow domes and instructions to assist with the growing process.

AeroGarden Farm 12XL Liquid Plant Food 4-3-6

Components %
Total Nitrogen (N) 4.0%
P2O5 3.0%
K2O 6.0%
Calcium (Ca) 1.0%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.5%

The device includes a comprehensive booklet that provides detailed instructions. The first section is an assembly guide, which outlines the step-by-step process of setting up the system.

The second section is a quick planting guide, offering helpful tips on how to effectively plant and cultivate plants using the system. It provides valuable insights to ensure successful growth.

Lastly, the booklet includes a collection of recipes that showcase various dishes you can prepare using hydroponically grown plants. These recipes offer creative ways to incorporate the produce from your hydroponic system into delicious meals.

Aerogarden Farm 12xl trellis system and other accessories.

Aerogarden Farm 12xl trellis system and other accessories.

Finally, the package concludes with the inclusion of a trellis system designed to provide support and prevent the plants from collapsing. This system comprises steel cables that can be utilized to hold the plants in place, preventing them from drooping or bending.

That concludes the unboxing process. I extend my best wishes for a successful hydroponic harvest and all the best in your endeavors!