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6 Quick Steps to Set Up Your AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim

Hey, everyone! Today, I’ll be demonstrating the correct way to assemble and set up the AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim hydroponic system. It’s actually quite simple, and I’m confident that you’ll be able to do it without any trouble.

aerogarden harvest elite slim setup

I would like to note the excellent quality of materials and assembly of the AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim. This is the reason why I included this device in my list of the best hydroponic systems.

Pour water into the bowl

Now, onto the next step: pouring water into the reservoir. Fill the bowl up to the designated ‘Fill to Here’ mark, as this amount is adequate for the system to operate smoothly.

You have the option to use either distilled or tap water. However, it’s important to ensure that the pH of the water falls within the range of 5.5 to 7.0. This is crucial as using water outside this pH range may result in the development of yellow or brown spots on the leaves.

Remember to change the water at least once a month to maintain the system’s health. Additionally, make sure to regularly top up the water if the level drops below the ‘Fill to Here’ mark.

Add the plant food

The plant food provided by AeroGarden is conveniently pre-mixed and ready for use. Before adding it to the reservoir, make sure to give the nutrition bottle a good shake. Pour two capfuls of the plant food into the bowl.

To maintain optimal plant growth, it is recommended to add two capfuls of plant food every two weeks. It’s important to adhere to this schedule and avoid exceeding the recommended amount, as excessive plant food can potentially harm the roots and cause root burns.

Put the seed pods in the holes

The AeroGarden hydroponic system comes with a special kit of seed pods that already contain pre-seeded sponges. This is a unique feature of AeroGarden, as other brands typically provide sponges without any seeds.

Each seed pod is labeled with the name of the plant and its size. When arranging the seed pods, it’s advisable to place the smaller plants in the front, the medium-sized ones in the middle, and the taller plants in the back. This arrangement will make the harvesting process much more convenient for you.

Cover the seed pods with grow domes

Inside the box, you will find growing domes along with the seed pods. Take one dome and place it on each seed pod. This step significantly aids in seed germination.

Once you observe that the seeds have sprouted, it is time to remove the domes. You can keep them for future use when you start a new garden

Plug in the wires

First, connect the wire that runs from the pump to the base. Then, proceed to attach the wire from the power adapter to the base.

Now, plug the power adapter into a nearby electrical socket. If all the steps have been followed correctly, the screen on the base should come to life and start functioning.

Configure the system

The final step is to configure the system. To do this, navigate to the menu and choose “Start a Garden.” Then, set the current time on the system. Following that, select the type of plants you are cultivating. The system will calculate the optimal light schedule based on your selection.

With that, you have completed the setup for your garden. I wish you success in your hydroponic endeavors and all the best in your gardening journey.