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Sempervivum arachnoideum

This species is very interesting, its rosette is covered with a white web, similar plants are not so much in nature. Medium size 1.5 inches, growing on rocks in the mountains of Europe. Adapted to all soil types, drought-resistant.

The leaves are small but juicy, due to the small size of the number of leaves larger than other species. Cobweb houseleek has many unique varieties. Some varieties have completely red leaves, which in combination with the white web gives a stunning effect.

In the spring, when the Sempervivum arachnoideum grows most intensively, it forms a dense web, at the end of the season, the web almost disappears.

If you grow this plant properly it quickly forms small hills with rosettes. Plants of this species are compact and ideal for growing in pots.

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Cobweb hens and chicks care

Cobweb houseleek, like all sempervivums, loves a sunny place and soil without stagnant water. Grows well on poor soils. If the soil is heavy and clay, you can add a little sand to make it more loose and permeable.

Species frost-resistant, it requires a small watering in a drought.


  • Sempervivum arachnoideum ssp. arachnoideum
    (Rosettes diameter 0.5 inches, common in mountains of France and Spain)
  • Sempervivum arachnoideum ssp. tomentosum
    (Rosettes diameter up to 1.5 inches, growing in southern Europe)
Sempervivum Prosecco

Center rosette purple, leaf tips light olive. It creates a wonderful color contrast, complemented by a snow-white web. In addition to the spider web, the leaves are still covered with thin white hairs.

The color will not change almost all season. The variety grows vigorously, 2 inches in diameter.

It comes from the Aaliyah variety.

Sempervivum Maren

In spring, the variety has a bright red color, which contrasts with the white hairs at the tips of the leaves. The size is quite large, as for sempervivum arachnoideum, the diameter can reach 3 inches.

In summer the leaves turn orange and the center rosette green. The growth rate is rapid, forming many daughter plants. The color of flowers is pink.

Mother variety S. Apache, bred in Germany in 2002 by Volkmar Shara.

Sempervivum Georgette

The color is green-red, the diameter of rosettes 1.5 inches. Not common among collectors, but very beautiful variety.

Country of origin United Kingdom. Bred by David T. Ford in 1972 by crossing Jubilee and Red Mountain varieties.

Sempervivum Early Winter

The variety has a lush web, unlike most varieties of Sempervivum arachnoideum.

It blooms in June, the flowers are white, contrasting beautifully with the green rosettes.

The plant’s diameter is 1 inch. Bred in Germany by Volkmar Schara in 2010, the parent variety Baby Boo.

Sempervivum Ginnie’s Delight

The color of the leaves is red with green tips, on the leaves grow silver hairs. The variety grows vigorously, in the spring looks most spectacular.

Size 1.5-2 inches, average growth rate.