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Best Garden Hand Sprayers

For many years I have been using sprayers to maintain plant health. It is essential to have these tools because sooner or later, you will encounter plant diseases and pests.

I have two sprayers of different volumes, one for 2 gallons. It is required for general spraying 2-3 times a season. The second has a small size and is required for the local spraying of one or two plants as needed.

Smith Contractor 2-Gallon Sprayer


Among all the larger sprayers I’ve tried, I can recommend the Smith Contractor 2-Gallon Sprayer. It is a quality tool for a reasonable price.

Two gallons are enough to spray a large number of medium-sized plants (hostas, dwarf conifers). The weight of the pre-filled filler is 16 pounds, which is not too heavy and can be moved around the yard.

There are five attachments for different types of spraying. In addition to plants, they can be used with the lawn or for the chemical treatment of wood.

It is a tool equipped with a filter that prevents contamination. All compounds are resistant to chemicals, including insecticides and fungicides.

The long hose and poly wand allow spraying high enough. Without a ladder, you can reach a spray height of about 16 feet.`

This sprayer is safe, and it has a safety valve that releases excess pressure. The advantages include the fact that it is made in the US, which guarantees its quality. The warranty period is one year.

Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

The best small sprayer I can recommend without hesitation is the Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer. It is ideally suited for the rapid spraying of several plants.

The volume of this sprayer is 1 liter, it is quite light and compact, these characteristics make it very comfortable to use.

It is made of quality materials that are resistant to chemicals. At the tip, it has a special protective nozzle that does not allow the solution to enter the body.

All connections of this device are strong, they do not leak, and there is no pressure loss.

The sprayer has a half-year warranty.