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One of the most important challenges facing every gardener is protecting the garden from pests and diseases. First, we will look at pest control, then I will recommend how to prevent diseases of your plants.

Remedies against pests can be divided into two groups:

  • organic;
  • systemic insecticides.

It is now very popular to use safe (organic) pest control. However, systemic insecticides remain the most effective way.

Syngenta Avid 0.15EC

Syngenta’s products are very high quality and I always use them. The best insecticide I can recommend is Syngenta Avid 0.15EC.

This remedy is very effective against pests, it is able to cope with most known insects that can damage your plants. You only need to spray once and this remedy will penetrate the plant cells and protect them.

It is absolutely safe for ornamental shrubs, trees, succulents, perennials.

The only downside to this remedy is that it cannot be used for houseplants because it is quite toxic. If you want to use non-toxic remedies then you should pay attention to Neem Oil.

Organic Neem Bliss 100%

Neem Oil is an effective and safe plant protection product that can be recommended for those who care about ecology.

This remedy is completely non-toxic and made from natural ingredients. However, you should follow the safety rules when handling it. One of the advantages of this remedy is that it can be used for houseplants.

Due to the smell and consistency, Neem Oil protects plants from pests, its effectiveness is slightly lower than that of systemic insecticides and spraying should be carried out more often.

Also, this remedy is not very effective against large insects such as grasshoppers. However, it can handle most pests, so it is a good alternative to insecticides.

Daconil Ultrex Turf Care Fungicide

In order to grow plants successfully, you need to have a tool that will protect them from disease, one of the best is Daconil Ultrex Turf Care Fungicide.

This fungicide is made by Syngenta’s firm, it is very high quality and effective against most plant diseases. It is absolutely safe and its effect lasts about a month. There are many different alternatives on the market but this product gives a really good effect.

As I mentioned above I use plant protection products from proven manufacturers: Syngenta, Bayer. Their products are not cheap, but they do their job perfectly, so I recommend that you choose only quality products from trusted brands.