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Who can look at Anthurium Crystallinum or Anthurium Clarinervium without surprise? Those thick silver veins on the large green leaves look amazing. My first encounter with them was a few years ago and I remember then it was hard to take my eyes off them.

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Today we are going to look at two related philodendrons, Imperial Red and Rojo Congo. In fact, they are father and son (or mother and son to be precise). And as is often the case, the difference between the relatives is insignificant. But not this time! Looking ahead I can say for sure that we …

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Camellias, like other flowering shrubs and trees, are the object of special attention of a huge number of homeowners. This is because these plants have wonderful flowers and make the yard more beautiful and unique. But it’s not always possible to guess the location and often the need for replanting arises. For the camellia, transplanting …

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Today’s two competitors belong to the species Hydrangea paniculata and inherit very lush white clusters of flowers and bright green foliage. But even between them, there is some difference. Bobo is the result of a cross between Limelight and Little Lime. Looking ahead I can say that Bobo is a slightly improved version of its parents.

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