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Today we are going to look at two wonderful maples, Red Sunset Maple and Autumn Blaze Maple. They are so widely used that there seems to be no worthy competitor for them. So which one is better? I will try to answer this question in as much depth as possible.

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So much has been said about Water Lily and Lotus. But nevertheless, not a single page on the web gives a complete answer to the question of the difference between these plants. We have to collect the information bit by bit to determine all the aspects that distinguish them. I created this article to make …

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Today I want to offer you two wonderful maples with red leaves for your consideration. You might get the impression at first that they are identical, but they are not. Let’s take a closer look at them and determine what they have in common and what is different.

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There are many different magnolias, and every year the number of new varieties increases. It seems that hybridizers want to achieve some invisible goal. But whatever the case, some varieties do not lose their appeal decades after they were born.

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Peonies! Who invented this beauty? Whoever it was, all we can do is express our great gratitude for it. The author of today’s varieties, Samuel Wissing, deserves no fewer thanks. It was he who in the middle of the last century created these two wonderful peonies.

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Before this post, I already created a whole series of comparative articles about magnolias and I have so much more to share with you. For that reason, today we are going to talk about two other wonderful plants, Saucer Magnolia and Jane Magnolia.

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