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Mountain houseleek

Sempervivum montanum is a perennial succulent, with naturally occurring plants of green color. For gardeners and collectors displayed a large number of decorative varieties.

There are also 6 subspecies of sempervivum montanum, some of which have a yellow leaf tint.


It grows mainly with small clusters of rosettes. 1-2 inches in size, the plants are ball-shaped. Sharp leaves have a white hairline.

The flowering period is summer, the peduncle reaches 8 inches in height. Propagated mainly by child rosettes.


Sempervivum montanum is common in the mountains of Europe:

  • Apennines;
  • Alps;
  • Tatras;
  • Carpathians.

It grows in cracks on rocks where soils are mostly sandy with low nutrient content.


Growing sempervivum montanum is not difficult, the main thing is to choose a place where water is not stagnant. The plant also needs several hours of direct sunlight daily.

Any soil suitable, you can add some sand for better breathability. It is not necessary to nourish these plants.

Spray the plants with fungicide and insecticide at least once a year.


  • Sempervivum montanum subsp. montanum
  • Sempervivum montanum subsp. stiriacum  (grows in Austria, 1-2 inches in diameter)
  • Sempervivum montanum subsp. carpaticum (grows in Eastern Europe, 1.5 inches in diameter)
  • Sempervivum montanum subsp. burnatii (grows in France, 3 inches in diameter)
  • Sempervivum montanum subsp. heterophyllum (grows in the Tatra Mountains, 2 inches in diameter)
Sempervivum Cmiral’s Yellow

This form was found in nature in the Czech Republic. The peculiarity is the yellow color of the leaves, which appears in the spring, later the plant turns green. Size up to 2 inches.

Sempervivum Peppermint Petty

The tips of leaves of this variety are brown, the rest of the leaf is green. Size up to 3 inches, growing vigorously. Bred in Germany in 2002 by Erwin Geiger.

Sempervivum Bambini

Small in size (0.5 inches diameter), the leaves have a velvety texture. Bred by Erwin Geiger in Germany in 2006.

Sempervivum Goldsternchen

A compact variety has a unique yellow color. The color does not change throughout the season. Cmiral’s Yellow seedling. Bred in the Czech Republic in 2005 by Olga Duchacova.

Sempervivum Sweet Litschi

In full sun and poor soil, this variety shows a bright crimson red all spring. The leaf surface is covered with whitish hairs that contrast with the color of the leaves. Bred this variety by Erwin Geiger in 2012.