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LetPot LPH-Max 21 Pods Hydroponic System Review

Hey everyone! I’d love for you to check out my review of the LetPot LPH-Max 21. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most cutting-edge indoor hydroponic systems out there. Let’s dive in!

LetPot LPH-Max 21 review

My LetPot LPH-Max 21 hydroponic system.

My rating of the LetPot LPH-Max 21

Criteria Rating
Technology 9
Efficiency 8
Quality 9
User experience 9
Impact on comfort 9
Ease of maintenance 8
Customer support 10
Operating Costs 10
Proprietary 9
Price 9
Total 90

To provide a comprehensive review of the device, I broke it down into 10 categories. I tested the device in each category and assigned a score. After evaluating all categories, I tallied the scores to determine an average.

Based on my assessment, the LetPot LPH-Max 21 earned a total of 90 out of 100 points, translating to an average score of 9.0.

In the following sections, I’ll delve deeper into how I rated the system in each category. Plus, by the end, you’ll get a rundown of the device’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as how it stacks up against other options.


letpot lph max 21 control panel

Letpot LPH-Max 21 control panel.

The LetPot LPH-Max 21 is hands down one of the most advanced hydroponic systems I’ve come across so far. It boasts three pumps: one for oxygenating the water, another for transferring water from an external source into the main tank, and the third for dispensing plant food from a dedicated reservoir to the main tank.

What’s cool about this device is its automatic mode. When the water level gets low, it self-refills from a backup tank. Plus, it knows when to dispense plant food, making it essentially self-sufficient for extended periods.

Few competitors even come close to offering these features. Aerogarden’s Aerovoir is the only one I know that can refill its main tank automatically.

On the LetPot LPH-Max 21’s control panel, you’ll find a screen display and user-friendly buttons. It’s also Wi-Fi-enabled, so there’s a handy app you can use.

Other features that set it apart include a water level sensor, dimming light, a day counter, and a thermometer. It’s rare to find a system with such comprehensive features.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Unlike most Aerogarden models, it doesn’t supply water individually to each plant. And if you’re operating it manually, there’s no reminder for adding plant food.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 9/10 for technology.


letpot max 21 review light

The efficiency of this hydroponic system is impressive. It’s powered by 36-watt LEDs that foster a solid growth rate.

However, when stacked up against competitors, the LetPot LPH-Max 21 has some catching up to do. Take the Aerogarden Bounty Elite, for instance, which boasts 50-watt LEDs and outperforms the LetPot in efficiency. To match that growth rate, I had to extend the light hours on the LPH-Max 21.

One of its major pluses is its bowl – one of the most capacious in its category with a 7.5-liter volume. This ensures the plants are never thirsty.

That said, it’s missing something crucial that the Aerogarden offers: a water distribution system. Without it, water isn’t as oxygen-rich, and the nutrient solution doesn’t reach the root base as effectively, which does hamper its efficiency somewhat.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 8/10 for efficiency.


letpot lph max 21 grow deck

Letpot LPH-Max 21 grow deck.

The material quality is top-notch. Starting with the bowl, it sports a stainless steel finish that really elevates its appearance.

The light hood on the upper side features a logo elegantly printed on the mirrored surface. Paired with the light support crafted from high-grade aluminum, the whole unit exudes a premium vibe.

While the grow deck is made of sturdy plastic, it does feel a tad thin. Additionally, it doesn’t snugly fit atop the bowl and can be nudged out of position quite easily.

But even with these small hiccups, the overall quality and design of the unit are commendable.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 9/10 for quality.

User experience

Setting up the system was a breeze, pretty much in line with most hydroponic units out there. I fixed the light hood, filled it with water, added the plant food, placed the seed pods, and plugged it in. Simple and straightforward.

However, topping off the water and adding more plant food later on wasn’t as convenient. The refill hole, situated on the side, is a tad small. A front and center location, like what’s found on Aerogarden models, would be more user-friendly.

One of the standout features of this system is the secondary growing deck with two slots. It’s perfect for accommodating larger plants.

In terms of vertical growing space, this unit truly shines, outclassing many competitors. It’s versatile enough to support the growth of almost any plant.

A slight hiccup: when it’s not set to automatic mode, there’s no reminder for plant food, which can be a bit of an oversight.

The control panel boasts the largest display screen in its competitive range. However, it’s limited to a single-layer menu. Having six buttons doesn’t necessarily make navigation any smoother.

Thankfully, the LetPot LPH-Max 21 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and a user-friendly app. Through the app, you can adjust lighting settings, track or set garden age, dim lights, and much more. This level of customization is a definite win.

Another huge advantage is the sizable 7.5-liter bowl. No direct competitor I’ve seen has anything like it, meaning fewer refills compared to units like the Aerogarden Bounty.

On the downside, the system lacks an effective trellis setup. While it does come with stakes to support plants, they aren’t the most practical. I’d have appreciated a more robust trellis system, akin to the one on the Aerogarden Bounty.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 9/10 for user experience.

Impact on comfort

letpot max 21 review noise

The LetPot LPH-Max 21 is rather unobtrusive when it comes to your living comfort. It operates at a modest 38 dBA, which is impressively quiet. For context, the ambient noise in a typical room sits around 35 dBA.

Positioning the system just below eye level ensures that the LEDs won’t be a bother, plus there’s always the option to dim them if needed.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for the bedroom. The sound of circulating water might disrupt your sleep at night.

Aesthetically, the device is a real eye-catcher. With its sleek stainless steel bowl finish and chic light hood, it’s sure to be a stylish addition to any room’s decor.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 9/10 for impact on comfort.

Ease of maintenance

letpot lph max 21 bowl

LetPot LPH-Max 21 bowl.

Maintaining this hydroponic system can be a bit of a chore. The control panel is integrated into the bowl, which means you have to unplug the entire unit and remove the light hood just to change the water.

Whenever I switch out the water, I also find myself cleaning the bowl’s walls and base. The pump needs to be taken apart and cleaned as well. And that’s not the end of it – the bowl has two more sections housing additional pumps. Getting all of this clean is quite the task, given the many nooks and crannies.

As I mentioned earlier, topping off the water and adding plant food is a hassle, mostly due to the inconveniently placed, small refill hole. These design choices definitely make me think twice about giving this device top marks in the maintenance department.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 8/10 for ease of maintenance.

Customer support

LetPot’s tech support is top-notch. I shot them an email and got a reply within hours. They resolved my issue promptly and efficiently.

They also have a chat feature on their website where you can instantly connect with a representative to address any concerns. Plus, there’s a FAQ section that covers common questions.

Additionally, LetPot maintains an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Their channels are packed with informative visuals, and they’re always open to questions.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 10/10 for customer support.

Operating costs

letpot lph max 21 plant food and stickers

Letpot LPH-Max 21 plant food and stickers.

Like many of you, I’ve been eager to find out how much my hydroponically-grown crop would cost. I have to say, the Letpot LPH-Max 21 really delivered in this area.

Electricity 17 kWh $2.89
Grow sponges 5 Pcs $0.75
Plant food 24 ml $0.67
Total cost $4.31

I ran the test for 30 days and yielded a generous crop of lettuce. My electricity bill for the setup came to $2.89. I also factored in the cost of the five most affordable grow sponges and plant food.

In total, I spent $4.31 and harvested 5 heads of lettuce. That breaks down to $0.86 per head of lettuce. This is pretty cost-effective, especially when I think about the gas I would’ve spent driving to the store – not to mention the hassle of dealing with traffic and waiting in line.

I give LetPot LPH-Max 21 an 10/10 for operating costs.


letpot lph max 21 seed pods

Letpot LPH-Max 21 seed pods.

In this section, I’ll assess the device based on the availability of alternative consumables required for growth. The LetPot LPH-Max 21 fares pretty well in this regard.

Starting with the grow sponges: the ones for this device are akin to those from Aerogarden, which gives us a range of alternatives. I’ve listed some options in the table for reference.

Brand Price for one sponge
Reetsing $0.21
Urban Leaf $0.30
Vic VSEE $0.19
Park Seed $0.18
Chumia $0.15

That said, the device features a secondary growing deck with two larger holes. The sponges for this deck are considerably bigger, and few manufacturers provide compatible alternatives.

Moving on to the baskets: the smaller baskets are compatible with Aerogarden’s, meaning there’s a good variety of replacements out there. However, for the larger baskets, sourcing alternatives might be a challenge.

A major advantage is that any hydroponic nutrient solution will work with this device, which is definitely a bonus.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 9/10 for proprietary.


The LetPot LPH-Max 21 isn’t exactly easy on the wallet. In fact, it’s on the pricier end of the hydroponics spectrum. Currently, the manufacturer lists it at:

LetPot LPH-Max 21 – $269.99.

This is in the same ballpark as the Aerogarden Bounty. Even the upgraded Bounty Elite is slightly more affordable at the moment.

The LetPot LPH-Max 21 outperforms the Aerogarden Bounty in some areas, and falls short in others. Given its features and aesthetics, the price tag feels justified. You’re investing in a sleek, high-tech piece of equipment.

I give the LetPot LPH-Max 21 a 9/10 for price.

Recommended For

I’d recommend the LetPot LPH-Max 21 for anyone looking for a cutting-edge hydroponics system that can operate independently for extended periods. This system can self-refill its water and nutrients, meaning you can set it and largely forget it.

However, the LetPot LPH-Max 21 is best for those with a steady income. Given that it’s on the pricier side of indoor hydroponics, it’s ideal for those who aren’t budget-constrained.

Beyond its impressive autonomy, this system also boasts high efficiency and a sleek design with a premium feel.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Automatic water refilling There is no plant food reminder in manual mode
Automatic addition of plant food The grow deck doesn’t sit well on the bowl
Large bowl Small fill hole in an unsuitable location
Large screen No convenient trellis system
Powerful LEDs Uncomfortable one-level menu
Large grow height
Optional grow deck
Light dimming
Premium look
Quiet pump


Product Feature LetPot LPH-Max 21 Aerogarden Bounty Aerogarden Bounty Elite RGBing 15-pods
Size (HxWxD) 28.5″x15.7″x10.4″ (72.5×40.5×26.5 cm) 29.5″x16.5″x10.9″ (75x42x27.7 cm) 29.5″x16.5″x10.9″ (75x42x27.7 cm) 16.54″ x 6.69″ x 9.06″ (42x17x 23 cm)
Number of pods 21 9 9 15
LED power 36 W 40 W 50 W 36 W
Wi-Fi/App Yes/Yes Yes/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Tank capacity 7.5 L 4.5 L 4.5 L 5.5 L
Max grow height 22.2″ (56.5 cm) 23.2″ (59 cm) 23.2″ (59 cm) 30.5″ (77.4 cm)
Min grow height 7.4″ (18.5 cm) 8.2″ (21 cm) 8.2″ (21 cm) 10″ (25.4 cm)
Screen Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Low Water Reminder Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Nutrient Reminder No Yes Yes  Yes
Dimmable Lights Yes Yes Yes No
Material Finish Stainless Steel Matte Plastic Stainless Steel Matte Plastic
Seed pods Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plant food Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $269.99 $199.95 $249.95 $139.99


In closing, I must say that testing the LetPot LPH-Max was a fascinating journey, and I gained a wealth of insights along the way. It’s clear that hydroponic systems can truly be self-sufficient.

I’d especially recommend this device to those in a comfortable financial position, seeking more than what standard hydroponic systems provide.

That wraps up my review. Wishing you bountiful hydroponic harvests and all the best!