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5 Quick Steps to Set Up Your Click And Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to show you how to assemble and run Click And Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro.

Assemble the lamp

assemble lamp

Assemble the lamp to the bowl. To do this, first, put lamp arms into the holes on each end of the bowl. Then carefully join the lamp to the arms. The lamp should not be electrically connected during this step.

Fill the bowl with water

pour water

Remove one pot to open the hole. Pour 4 liters of water into the tank. Then put the pot back in its place.

Use distilled or tap water. Once you have poured the water in, the water level indicator should line up with the grow deck.

smart garden 9 pro water indicator

Water indicator

Insert the grow sponges into the pots

put sponges

Take the grow sponges out of the kit. Then open the lid on the pot and place the sponge in it. Then put the lid back.

You can use either all at once or just a few pots. Write the names of the plants on the labels that are on the pots.

Place the grow domes on the pots

put grow domes

Place the grow domes on the pots. Make sure they sit in the correct position.

The domes do a very good job of speeding up seed germination.

Connect the Smart Garden 9 Pro to electricity

power on

Insert the plug into the socket and the lamp should light up as a result. Optionally you can connect the Smart Garden 9 Pro via Bluetooth to your smartphone. To do this, download the app and make a Bluetooth pairing.

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That’s it for now. Wishing you a great hydroponic harvest and see you again!