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AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim Hydroponic System Review

Hey there, friends! Today, I’m excited to share with you a comprehensive review of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim hydroponic system. I’ve had the pleasure of testing this device for over a month, using it to grow herbs for cooking.

Throughout this article, I’ll be sharing all the valuable insights I’ve gained during my testing. To make things easier to grasp, I’ve assigned a score to each testing category, which will provide you with an overall understanding of how this device rates. Let’s dive in!

aerogarden harvest elite slim review

My AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim.

My rating of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim

Criteria Rating
Technology 9
Efficiency 10
Quality 10
User experience 10
Impact on comfort 9
Ease of maintenance 9
Customer support 9
Operating Costs 9
Proprietary 10
Price 5
Total 90

After thoroughly testing the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim across ten different categories, I assigned a score to each of them. The device achieved an impressive overall score of 90 out of 100, which is a testament to its exceptional quality and effectiveness.

When considering the average rating, the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim received a solid score of 9 out of 10. Now, I’ll walk you through the ratings I assigned in each individual category.



Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim grow deck.

The technology used in this device is truly outstanding. One key feature is the unique growing deck, which ensures an even distribution of the nutrient solution and provides excellent oxygenation to the plants.

The device has a slender design with holes arranged in a single row, making it very convenient to access the plants. When placed along the wall, the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim takes up minimal space.

The light it provides is quite powerful, even though some competitors may claim to have more potent LEDs. The Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim, however, outshines them and results in faster plant growth.

One of the definite advantages of this device is the presence of a plant food reminder and a water level sensor, features that many competitors lack.

The highlight of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim is its control panel, which comes equipped with a screen and a multi-level menu. Although the screen is not touch-sensitive, it still makes it incredibly easy to operate the device.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the Harvest Elite Slim lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and an application, which are features already found in many hydroponic systems within this price segment.

Moreover, the cultivation height and bowl capacity are a bit limited, which could be improved to make the device even more versatile.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 9/10 for technology.


aerogarden harvest elite slim review

The LED power of this device is 20 watts, which is more than sufficient for growing plants. Additionally, it features a special mode designed specifically for herbs, allowing the light to operate for 17 hours.

For optimal results, it is recommended to cultivate four plants in this setup, as accommodating six might result in a bit cramped space.

Thanks to its unique water distribution system and high-quality plant food, the herbs experience rapid growth, and within just a month, you can enjoy an excellent harvest.

In conclusion, the efficiency of this system surpasses that of its competitors, earning it a well-deserved spot on the list of the best hydroponic systems for home use.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 10/10 for efficiency.



Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim bowl.

All components of the device are crafted from high-quality plastic, ensuring excellent durability. The construction is solid and well-assembled, resulting in a completely squeak-free operation.

The bowl and the light hood are finished with stainless steel, giving the device a robust and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The light hood securely attaches to the support and remains stable without any wobbling. The company asserts that the LEDs have a lifespan of over four years, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The pump is another noteworthy feature, being highly reliable and operating almost silently, thanks to its rubber cushion placement. Moreover, the device incorporates a filter that extends its overall service life.

Overall, the device exudes a sense of quality and reliability, deserving the highest rating in this category.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 10/10 for quality.

User experience

Using the system was incredibly straightforward. I simply had to pour water, add plant food, and place the seed pods in the designated holes. Then, I connected the electricity and set the operating hours for the LEDs.

From there, my maintenance routine involved changing the water and adding plant food every two weeks. After that, all I needed to do was patiently await the harvest.

One standout aspect of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim is its customizable LED schedule accessible through the menu. Even in the event of a power outage, the system will seamlessly resume following the pre-set schedule once the power is restored and the lights come back on. This feature is exceptionally convenient and not commonly found in other hydroponic systems.

The water refill hole is sufficiently large and easy to use, enhancing user-friendliness. Moreover, the system comes equipped with a water level sensor and a plant food reminder, making the overall experience even more hassle-free.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 10/10 for user experience.

Impact on comfort

aerogarden harvest elite slim review

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim is a hydroponic system that operates quite quietly. The pump produces only 37 dBA of noise, slightly more than the background noise you’d find in a typical city room. This low noise level is achieved through the inclusion of rubber cushions between the pump and the bowl, a feature not present in all competing products.

Regarding the light, it is not overly bright and doesn’t cause any discomfort to the eyes when the device is placed at an appropriate height. However, there is no option to dim the light if needed.

Thanks to its well-designed shape and finishing, this device seamlessly blends into the interior design of a space. Nonetheless, it may still cause some level of discomfort, though not entirely disruptive.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 9/10 for impact on comfort.

Ease of maintenance

aerogarden harvest elite slim review

Like similar devices, the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim necessitates regular maintenance. Fortunately, the bowl can be effortlessly detached from the base, making the maintenance process a breeze. In contrast, certain other devices require complete disassembly for upkeep.

I perform maintenance on the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim every two weeks, which involves cleaning the unit, changing the water, and adding nutrients. This routine ensures that my plants remain healthy and experience rapid growth.

A noteworthy aspect of maintaining this device is the occasional need to disassemble the grow deck into two parts and clean it from the inside. Neglecting this step could lead to clogging issues caused by algae or plant roots.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 9/10 for ease of maintenance.

Customer support

I’ve previously written about my experience with Aerogarden’s customer support. When I encountered an issue with one of their units, I reached out through the chat room on their website and received a prompt response within a few minutes. It was reassuring to know that I could easily communicate with them during their business hours.

I also decided to test their email support, and although the response time wasn’t as quick as the chat, I still received a helpful answer.

Overall, I must say that their customer support service is excellent. What’s even better is that the company maintains its own YouTube channel and Facebook group where customers can ask questions and find additional support.

Furthermore, I discovered several online communities on various social networks dedicated to discussions about Aerogarden’s hydroponic systems. These communities provide a wealth of valuable information, making it even easier to learn and improve the gardening experience.

Slim a 9/10 for customer support.

Operating costs

It took me approximately a month from the beginning of the system to the harvest. Now, I’ll let you know how much money I spent to achieve these results.

Electricity 11 kWh $1.94
Grow sponges 4 Pcs $1.2
Plant food 30 ml $0.69
Total cost $3.83

As you can see from the table, I used 4 original grow sponges, each priced at 30 cents. However, if I had opted for alternative sponges, the total cost of the plants would have been even lower.

I didn’t include the cost of water in my calculations, but I did take into account the expenses for plant food and electricity.

After a month of growing, the total cost amounted to $3.83. In the end, I successfully cultivated four mature plants, which are:

  • Thai basil;
  • Genovese basil;
  • Dill;
  • Italian parsley.

The cost per plant turned out to be less than a dollar, which seems like a favorable outcome to me.

I give Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim an 9/10 for operating costs.


Today, Aerogarden holds the top position in the indoor hydroponics industry, giving rise to numerous manufacturers offering alternative sponges, baskets, and other consumables.

In the market, there is a wide array of consumable analogs available at a more affordable price, which are perfectly suitable for use in Elite Slim. Remarkably, these alternative products boast excellent quality and are on par with the original ones.

Brand Price for one sponge
Aerogarden $0.24
Urban Leaf $0.30
Park Seed $0.18
Vic VSEE $0.19

Moreover, when it comes to plant food, you have the flexibility to use any hydroponics food in this system. To sum it up, the availability and quality of alternative consumables make the overall experience with Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim perfect.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 10/10 for proprietary.


The price remains a weak point across all Aerogarden models, and the Elite Slim is no exception. Compared to its competitors of similar size, this device comes at a higher cost. However, it’s essential to delve deeper into this matter.

While rival devices may offer a lower price, they lack certain features such as a screen and other functionalities present in the Elite Slim.

Conversely, considering the price of the Elite Slim, one could opt for more advanced devices with the same budget. For instance, RGBING offers Wi-Fi connectivity with an app, a larger tank, and more powerful LEDs for a similar price.

Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim for $139.95

In all fairness, it’s worth noting that Aerogarden does offer occasional sales, providing an opportunity to save a bit on the purchase.

I give the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim a 5/10 for price.

Recommended For

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim is an ideal choice for individuals looking to grow herbs in their kitchen. Its single-row arrangement of holes makes accessing the plants remarkably easy and convenient.

Furthermore, the system’s narrow and elongated design allows for seamless placement along the kitchen wall, ensuring it won’t occupy much space on the cabinet.

This system will particularly appeal to those who prioritize quality and aren’t restricted by budget constraints. The presence of a screen and menu enhances its user-friendliness compared to cheaper alternatives, making it a more convenient option for cultivation.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Material quality A bit overpriced
LEDs Filling hole is a little small
Plant food reminder Growing height could be higher
Water level sensor No wi-fi and no app
Alternative consumables
Screen and multi-level menu
Easy access to all plants
Unique nutrient solution distribution system
Low electricity costs


Product Feature Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim IDOO 8Pods WiFi SearQing 9 pods Ivation 7-Pod
Size (HxWxD) 17.7″x15.1″x4.8″ (45×38.5×12.3cm) 19.5″x13.8″x5.2″ (49.5x35x13.2cm) 27″x15″x5″ (68.5x38x12.7cm) 19.7″x13.8″x5.6″ (50x35x14.2cm)
Number of pods 6 8 9 7
LED power 20 W 22 W 28 W 25 W
Wi-Fi/App No  Yes No No
Tank capacity 2.4 L 4 L 2.5 L 3.5 L
Max grow height 11.4″ (29.2 cm) 13.6″ (34.5cm) 20″ (50.8cm) 16″ (40cm)
Min grow height 4.8″ (12.3 cm) 3.7″ (9.3cm) 4.3″ (10.9cm) 8″ (20.3cm)
Screen Yes No No  No
Low Water Reminder Yes Yes Yes  No
Nutrient Reminder Yes No No  No
Seed pods Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plant food Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $139.95 $59.99 $27.99 $59.99


In conclusion, the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim deserves your attention, especially if you are financially well-off. This device will serve you effectively for an extended period.

Not only does it offer numerous benefits in the kitchen, but it also allows you to grow fresh herbs year-round, making it an intriguing activity, particularly if you reside in a region with cold winters.

This wraps up the review of this hydroponic system. I wish you success in all your endeavors and the very best!