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AeroGarden Farm 12XL Hydroponic System Review

Hi friends. Today I will tell you how I tested the AeroGarden Farm 12XL hydroponic system. In fact, I liked it very much and I want to share my excitement with you.


aerogarden farm 12xl review

My Aerogarden Farm 12XL

My rating of the Aerogarden Farm 12XL

Criteria Rating
Technology 10
Efficiency 10
Quality 10
User experience 10
Impact on comfort 10
Ease of maintenance 9
Customer support 10
Operating Costs 9
Proprietary 10
Price 9
Total 97

I test all hydroponic systems that I get my hands on on various aspects. I did the same with the Aerogarden Farm 12XL by selecting 10 important categories and tested it on them.

For each category, I gave it a score. In the end, the Aerogarden Farm 12XL scored 97 out of 100. That is an average score of 9.7. This is by far the highest rating I have ever given a hydroponic system.

Below you will learn in great detail how I tested this device in each of the ten categories.


aerogarden farm 12xl control panel

Aerogarden Farm 12XL control panel.

In terms of technology, the AeroGarden Farm 12XL is top notch. The first thing I like about it is the large touch screen, which is a pleasure to use. It has information about the light, the water level in the bowl and the number of days until the plant food is added.

The control panel has a multi-level menu with lots of settings. Here you can dim the lights or turn on vacation mode. You can also customize the number of light hours, pump mode and more here.

The AeroGarden Farm 12XL is equipped with Wi-Fi and an app. This is a very convenient option because it allows you to control the device remotely.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 10/10 for technology.

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The efficiency of this hydroponic system is very high. This is primarily due to the 50 watt LEDs. If you increase the number of light hours to 17, even the most light-loving plants can be grown in the AeroGarden Farm 12XL.

The second factor that affects efficiency is the nutrient solution distribution system. This system delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots. As a result, the growth rate is higher and the yield is greater.

This device also has a bowl with a capacity of 8 liters. This ensures that the plant has access to water at all times and never suffers from thirst.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 10/10 for efficiency.


aerogarden farm 12xl grow deck

Aerogarden Farm 12XL grow deck.

All Aerogarden hydroponic systems are of high quality and the Farm 12XL is no exception. Quality has always been Aerogarden’s strong point.

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is the frame of the Farm 12XL. It is made of very strong steel and can withstand a very heavy load. The frame is securely connected with strong bolts.

All plastic parts including the bowl are made of hard and high quality plastic. They are not only durable but also pleasant to the touch.

The light hood is attached to the system with strong steel wires. The height adjustment of the light hood is done by an electric motor.

As for the pump, it is quite good and promises to last a long time. In addition, it is equipped with a filter, which is definitely a big plus.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 10/10 for quality.

User experience

My user experience with the AeroGarden Farm 12XL has been beyond excellent. Of course I had to go to a bit of trouble to assemble the frame, but the rest of the unit is very simple.

All I did after assembly was pour water into the bowl and add plant food. Then I put the seed box in the hole and started the system.

To start I set the current time and chose the type of plant I planted. I also set the minimum growing height.

Every two weeks I added plant food. In addition, I refilled the bowl with water as needed. It is very convenient to refill the water because the filling hole is very large.

The menu is very easy to use. There are a lot of settings that allow you to customize the system for you.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 10/10 for user experience.

Impact on comfort

aerogarden farm 12xl noise level

Aerogarden Farm 12XL noise level.

The AeroGarden Farm 12XL is one of the quietest hydroponic systems I have tested. Its noise level is somewhere around 40 dBA. Let me remind you that the noise level of a typical city room is 35 dBA. In other words, the Farm 12XL is only slightly audible and that’s only when the pump is running.

The light hood is positioned very low. Even in the highest position, the light hood is still below eye level. This means that the light does not disturb you at all when you are in the room with this hydroponic system.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the Farm 12XL looks great. It can become a harmonious part of your interior because of its beautiful appearance.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 10/10 for impact on comfort.

Ease of maintenance

aerogarden farm 12xl setup pour water

Maintenance of this system has its own peculiarities. There is no regular cleaning as in most small hydroponics systems.

I, for example, clean my Bounty twice a month. At the same time, I only clean the Farm 12XL when the plant has completed its life cycle. That is, when I have harvested and removed the plant, then I disassemble the hydroponic system and completely clean it of dirt.

As far as water changes go, the engineers have thought of everything perfectly. In the middle of the Farm 12XL grow deck, there is a hole that opens up to reveal the pump outlet. There you need to plug in the hose that comes with the system. Put the opposite end into the bucket. Then you need to turn on the pump and it will pump out all the dirty water from the bowl.

That’s it, you can pour fresh water and add food plants. Changing water in this system is much easier than in most other systems.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 9/10 for ease of maintenance.

Customer support

Aerogarden’s customer service is pretty good. One day I had a problem and contacted them via live chat on the website. Within minutes, an employee joined me and my problem was resolved.

There is also an option on the website to write an email to resolve your issue.

There are several groups on Facebook dedicated to Aerogarden hydroponic systems including the official one. There you can find a lot of useful information and get answers to your questions.

The huge popularity of Aerogarden models has led to the fact that there is a decent amount of information on the web in general and on YouTube in particular about various models including the Farm 12XL.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 10/10 for customer support.

Operating costs

When I started Farm 12XL, I planted a cherry tomato in it. I wanted to test this system to see if I could grow vegetables that have a fairly long life cycle.

Electricity 75 kWh $12.75
Grow sponges 1 Pcs $0.24
Plant food 100 ml $2.3
Total cost $15.29

The whole process took me about two and a half months. During this time I managed to harvest 4 pounds of cherry tomatoes. At the same time my expenses amounted to a little more than 15 dollars.

The main expense is, of course, electricity. During the whole time the system used about 75 kilowatts of electricity. The cost per kilowatt in my state is 17 cents.

The second is plant food. I used 100 ml of Aerogarden plant food which cost me $2.3. But you can use cheaper alternatives and then the cost will be even less.

In the end, 1 pound of cherry tomatoes cost me $3.8. That doesn’t sound like a very high price to me.

I give Aerogarden Farm 12XL an 9/10 for operating costs.


aerogarden farm 12xl seed pods and plant food

Aerogarden Farm 12XL seed pods and plant food.

Aerogarden Farm 12XL has the same seed pods as other hydroponic systems of this brand. Due to the widespread popularity of Aerogarden devices, many third-party manufacturers offer cheaper alternative consumables.

However, do not assume that cheap is good. For example, the growing sponges from some manufacturers are of very low quality and should not be purchased. In the table you can see some alternative sponges of good quality.

Brand Price for one sponge
Aerogarden $0.24
Urban Leaf $0.30
Vic VSEE $0.19
Park Seed $0.18
Chumia $0.15

Besides sponges, you will also find alternative net pots and stickers on the market. When it comes to plant food, any hydroponic plant food is suitable for the Farm 12XL.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 10/10 for proprietary.


The Aerogarden Farm 12XL is a premium unit with a lot of features, so the price is not low. However, I think the price is quite justified as this hydroponic system is high quality and advanced.

When it comes to competitors, there are not many similar devices. More or less similar hydroponics is Personal Rise Garden but there is no menu screen and the LEDs are weaker.

I would not compare the Aerogarden Farm 12XL to the iHarvest or the Lettuce Grow Farmstand as they are larger devices. They are also 2-3 times more expensive.

Aerogarden Farm 12XL for $419

Overall I would say that the Aerogarden Farm 12XL is worth the money. In return you will get an excellent hydroponics that can bring you a lot of benefits.

I give the Aerogarden Farm 12XL a 9/10 for price.

Recommended For

I recommend the Aerogarden Farm 12XL for those who want to grow all kinds of plants all year round. This hydroponic system can provide a significant amount of crops for a family. You can grow both leafy greens and vegetables in it.

Of course the Aerogarden Farm 12XL costs a lot of money, so the future owner should be willing to splurge. However, once you buy it, you will realize pretty quickly what you paid money for.

This system is not very good for beginners. For beginners, I recommend starting with something simpler, like Aerogarden Harvest, and only then looking at Farm 12XL.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Huge growing height The price could be a bit lower
Advanced functionality Trellis system has only one level
Touch screen No covers for unused holes
Excellent quality The hose for draining the water is not convenient
High productivity
Compact size
Large tank
Strong frame
Wi-Fi and App
50 watt LEDs


Product Feature Aerogarden Farm 12XL LetPot LPH-Max 21 Personal Rise Garden
Size (HxWxD) 43.8″x20.2″x13.7″ (111.5×51.5x35cm) 28.5″x15.7″x10.4″ (72.5×40.5×26.5 cm) 16″x18″x11″ (40.64×45.72×27.94 cm)
Number of pods 12 21 12
LED power 50 W 36 W 30 W
Wi-Fi/App Yes Yes Yes
Tank capacity 8 L 7.5 L 8 L
Max grow height 30.7″ (78 cm) 30.7″ (56.5 cm) 16″ (40.64 cm)
Min grow height 7.4″ (19 cm) 7.4″ (18.5 cm) 16″ (40.64 cm)
Screen Yes Yes No
Low Water Reminder Yes Yes Yes
Nutrient Reminder Yes No Yes
Seed pods Yes Yes Yes
Plant food Yes Yes Yes
Price $419 $269.99 $349


In conclusion, if you buy Aerogarden Farm 12XL, you will never regret it. It is a quality hydroponic system that can bring you both benefits and fun.

Hydroponics is constantly growing in popularity because of people’s desire to have their own food. I recommend you buy this or a similar hydroponic system to keep up to date with this type of growing.

That concludes this review of the Aerogarden Farm 12XL. I wish you success and all the best!