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8 Quick Steps to Set Up Your Aerogarden Bounty Basic Hydroponic System

Hi, guys. Today, I’m going to show you how to properly assemble and set up the AeroGarden Bounty Basic hydroponic system. It’s really not difficult, and I’m sure you’ll be able to do it easily.

Put the bowl on the base


Place the bowl on the base. The Aerogarden Bounty Basic has a base on which the bowl is placed, which is very convenient when maintaining this system.

All you need to do is remove the plastic film from the control panel and also remove the tape that secures the grow deck to the bowl.

Next, place the bowl on the base, but do not connect the wires yet.

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Stick the light post into the base


Insert the light post into the appropriate location on the base. The post has three grooves, and there is only one way to plug it in. Ensure that the USB sockets are connected by gently pressing post at the end.

Attach the light hood to the post


Attach the light hood to the post. You will only be able to do this if the LEDs are pointing directly at the grow deck. Also, at the end, press the light hood lightly against the top end of the post so that the USB sockets are connected.

As a result, the light hood should hold firmly on the post and not wobble.

Set the light hood to its lowest position. As the plants grow, raise the hood so that the plants are not touching the LEDs. When you have reached the maximum growth height, it’s time to trim the plants.

Pour water into the bowl


The next step is to pour water into the bowl. Fill the bowl up to the ‘Fill to Here’ mark, as this is sufficient for the system to function properly.

You can use distilled or tap water. However, ensure that the pH of the water falls within the range of 5.5-7.0. Otherwise, yellow or brown spots may appear on the leaves.

Change the water at least once a month. Additionally, regularly top up the water if the level drops below the ‘Fill to Here’ mark.

Add the plant food


Aerogarden’s plant food is ready to use. Shake the bottle of nutrition well and add two capfuls to the bowl. Then add three capfuls of plant food every two weeks. Avoid adding more than the recommended amount, as it can cause root burns.

Put the seed pods in the holes


A kit of seed pods containing pre-seeded sponges comes with the unit. This is a distinctive feature of Aerogarden hydroponic systems, as other brands provide sponges without seeds.

On the label of each seed pod, you will find the name of the plant and its size. Place the small plants in the front, the medium ones in the middle, and the tall ones in the back. This will make harvesting much easier for you.

Next, cover the seed pods with grow domes. Grow domes increase the humidity around the seeds, resulting in a higher germination rate.

Plug in the wires


Attach the wire that goes from the pump to the base. Next, attach the wire from the power adapter to the base.

Plug the power adapter into an electrical socket. If you have done everything correctly, the screen on the base should start working.

Configure the system


Select “Start New Garden” from the menu. After that, set the current time.

Then, select the type of plants you want to grow. Next, set the time when you want to turn the device on and off. By default, the Aerogarden Bounty Basic turns on at 8 am and runs until 11 pm, which is a total of 15 hours.

This completes the garden setup. I wish you success in hydroponics and all the best.